Design | Energy | Futures is a concentrated research + design program that leads to a post-professional Master of Science (MS) in Architecture. The program focuses on energy and the built environment with research + design projects ranging across many scales, from urban design to high performance buildings, from VR and computational simulation to building material research and product design, and across a range of disciplinary and practice areas.

For the duration of the program, students are directed by faculty actively engaged in externally sponsored research and design projects, and have numerous opportunities for research internships in the faculty’s various research facilities.

Coursework consists of one required studio paired with an architectural research seminar, followed by a set of individually curated electives meant to complement the design + research studio projects as well as contribute to the students’ final projects, and concludes with a paired capstone studio and research seminar.

Students have the option of applying to the interdisciplinary Certificate
of Advanced Study in Sustainable Enterprise (CASSE)
offered with the interdisciplinary Syracuse University Sustainable Enterprise Partnership. Students who complete the certificate will be fluent in the economic, environmental, and social dimensions of sustainability and their interdependence; systems science and its relationship to sustainability; and the natural, financial, technical, legal, and social drivers of sustainability strategy in businesses and other organizations. The joint MS in Architecture and CASSE requires 36 credits.

Our MS is a STEM Designated Degree by the US Student and Exchange Visitor Program.

Please note: As a research-focused master of science, this program alone does not qualify as a professional degree leading to eligibility for the Architectural Registration Exam or licensure in the USA. More information: