March 29, 2024

School of Architecture Students Named Asian Design Award Winners

Students from the Syracuse University School of Architecture were selected for 16 best design project awards in this year’s 21st annual Asian Design Awards.

Receiving three Gold Awards, three Silver Awards, three Bronze Awards and seven Awards of Excellence, Syracuse University was the biggest winner among all participating schools.

Co-organized by the Asia Architecture and Urbanism Alliance (AAUA) and the Asian Design Award (ADA), the competition is committed to creating the largest, most in-depth, and most influential professional and authoritative design exchange event among universities in Asian countries and regions.

This year’s competition theme was “DAILY AND LOCAL,” revolving around the intimate connections between the quotidian and the local, urging a deeper exploration of the ordinary and familiar aspects of life. It delves into the multifaceted meanings of “home,” emphasizing its significance in personal and collective identities. Through competition theme excerpts ranging from reflections on the subtleties of everyday existence to comparisons between local landscapes and mythical realms, the texts encourage a reevaluation of the overlooked aspects of our surroundings. Furthermore, they advocate for a shift in perspective towards a more inclusive understanding of the world, where individual experiences serve as crucial entry points for comprehending broader societal contexts. Ultimately, the discourse underscores the importance of designing with sensitivity to the intricacies of daily life and local environments, recognizing them as pivotal elements in shaping meaningful human experiences.

The award-judging committee—including prestigious professional architects, planners, landscape architects, professors, chairs and deans from design schools in Asia—reviewed submissions from more than 400 universities worldwide.

The Syracuse University School of Architecture students who received a 2023 Asian Design Award are listed below. All participating students and instructors of the award-winning works will receive a certificate at the awards annual meeting.

Project Title
Student Name(s)
Gold Temporary and Movable Building In-Situ Kabela

Zhaoyi Wang ’25

Zelin Liang ’25

Anyang Zu ’25

Abingo Wu
Gold Commercial Building and Space The Bridge Yue Zhuo ’25 Joel Kerner
Gold Ecological, Healthy and Sustainable Garden of Shennong (Farming God) I Tien Jen MS ’23

Rubaiyat Ur Rahman MS ’23

Akogun Samuel MS ’23

Fei Wang
Silver Cultural Building and Space Performing on the Cliff Peiyu Luo ’24

Adrian Suciu ’24

Fei Wang
Silver Temporary and Movable Building The Social Bubble Qianzhen Li ’25 Tim Stenson
Silver Commercial Building and Space Vertical Village Georgia Olga Fernandes ’24

Averie Bess Cohen ’24

Fei Wang
Bronze Protection and Restoration Crash, Crack, Crunch Peiyu Luo ’24

Yaxin Xu ’24

Qi Liu ’24

Daniele Profeta
Bronze Protection and Restoration Rome Architecture Museum Yifan Shen ’25 Richard Rosa
Bronze Cultural Building and Space The Water Bridge Qianzhen Li ’25 Liz Kamell
Excellence Ecological, Healthy and Sustainable IN/STABILITY Alexandra Lise Grypinich ’24

Qiying Ruan ’24

Fei Wang
Excellence Ecological, Healthy and Sustainable Urban Lung Zhirun Huang ’25 Britt Eversole
Excellence Ecological, Healthy and Sustainable Infrastructure for Biodiversity Yifan Shen ’25 Laura Salazar
Excellence Renewal and Remodel Museum of the Lost Neighborhood Ching-Hsing Zhan ’25 Konrad Holtsmark
Excellence Renewal and Remodel Hidden Theme Rui Cao, ’24

Linxi Zhang ’24

Daniele Profeta
Excellence Residential Building and Space Co-Habitat for the Volun-Tourists and Refugees

Yifan Shen ’25

Tianchonghui Fang ’25

Luca Ponsi
Excellence Cultural Building and Space The Stepping Stone of Mazu Nanditha Rayudu ’24

Chu Khoi Nguyen ’24

Fei Wang