Non-architecture majors may, with the permission of their home school or college, pursue an 18-credit program leading to a minor in architecture. Successful completion of the minor requires a 2.0 GPA in the 18 credits. To enroll in the minor in architecture, students must complete this Declaration of Minor in Architecture form and secure the appropriate signatures from their home school or college.

Minor requirements

Choose two (2) Introductory Classes from:

ARC 133 Introduction to History of Architecture I (Spring only)
ARC 134 Introduction to History of Architecture II (Fall only)
ARC 141 Architectural Theory I (Fall only)
ARC 121 Introduction to Building and Structural Systems (Spring only)
ARC 101 Introduction to Architecture

Required Drawing and Design Courses:

ARC 391 Architectural Drawing Studio (Fall only)
ARC 394 Architectural Design Studio (Spring only)

Plus two (2) Upper-Level Electives from the following list:

ARC 331 Art and Architecture of India
ARC 334 The Architecture of Revolutions
ARC 431 Early Modern Architecture
ARC 433 French Architecture, Sixteenth and Seventeenth Centuries
ARC 434 London’s Built Environment (offered in London)
ARC 435 Islamic Architecture
ARC 436 Modern Architecture: The International Style to the Present
ARC 437 Renaissance Architecture in Italy:1400-1600
ARC 438 Introduction to the History of Chinese Architecture
ARC 511 Advanced Structural Resolution
ARC 534 Introduction to History of Buddhist Architecture
ARC 555 Introduction to Building Information Modeling
ARC 558 Advanced Building Information Modeling
ARC 566 Introduction to Preservation