The Syracuse Graduate Architecture Program, for both the Master of Architecture and Master of Science in Architecture, aims to cultivate a transformative and innovative learning environment. We empower students to challenge conventional boundaries and embrace new ideas; fostering a culture of exploration, experimentation, and critical thinking. By combining speculative and rigorous methodologies with cutting-edge technology, sustainable practices and interdisciplinary collaboration, we equip our students with the skills and knowledge to revolutionize the architectural landscape and forge a path towards a more progressive built environment.

We embrace diversity of experiences our students bring to our program with unique cultural backgrounds or coming from other academically related fields. We continue to harness that diversity by providing a fulfilling and rich graduate experience. We encourage students to collaborate with faculty, take part in symposia and conferences, or submit projects for competitions and awards; all the while preparing them to become global leaders within the discipline of architecture.  

As a top-rated program, Syracuse is at the intersection between design and research, our program strives for forward-thinking curricula and engagement in extra-curricular activities that serve as a laboratory for the future architectural practice. Being amongst a rich context of research within the university at large, graduate students work alongside professors and professionals in many disciplines that support an introspective yet profoundly robust approach to architecture and design.

Through experimental learning, critical thinking, and a commitment to social responsibility, we inspire architects to design sustainable, inclusive, and aesthetically rich architecture that enhances the human and non-human experience. We believe in fostering a new generation of environmentally conscious architects who are committed to addressing the climatic challenges we face today.

Your experience in the Syracuse Graduate program will not provide you with explicit answers but rather will encourage you to take risks and seek out more questions than when you arrived. We welcome the opportunity to explore what those questions might be with you and where it will lead us.

We hope that you will join us in this exciting pursuit!

Julie Larsen
Chair, Graduate Program