At Syracuse, we ask that question in the rich context of a research university working alongside top-rated professional and research programs in many other disciplines to support an introspective yet profoundly forward-looking attitude towards the future of practices, architectural and otherwise. Rather than ask “what is architecture,” we like to ask “what will architecture be?” And, as educators of the next generations, we add “what will the architect be?”

From our many research collaborations with one of New York State’s Centers of Excellence, based in downtown Syracuse, to our explicitly transdisciplinary Directed Research graduate capstone experience, we embrace the position that models of research that have conventionally been outside the purview of architecture must become part of a student’s (and future professional’s) tool kit.

From the graduate-dedicated learning environment, to our workshops and symposia that bring students in direct working contact with global leaders of practice, we embrace the drive to have our graduates take the field in new directions, transforming what architectural practice—and the architectural practitioner—can be.

We hope that you will join us in this pursuit. There may not be immediate answers to any of our disciplinary questions, but we welcome the opportunity to explore together where these questions may take us.