The BArch curriculum is highly integrated and begins with the introduction of fundamental design concepts and skills with courses in technical and structural design, history, and theory as well as electives that may be taken in any other college on campus.Three years of core curriculum prepare students for two final years of more self-directed coursework and research, culminating in the development and design of a thesis in the fifth year. The core years are sequentially organized, with each semester building on previous study and relating courses in technology, structures, history, and theory to the design studio.

  • Faculty in the first-year design and representation courses introduce students to new ways of seeing and responding to the built environment. Through exercises in drawing, analysis, multimedia work, and design, students learn to create space and form through the manipulation of site, program, experience, and construction.
  • The second year of the program introduces students to imagery, typology, and design theory as they begin to develop individual design methodologies. In the third year, more complex studio challenges and coursework in building technology help students develop comprehensive building designs. During the third and fourth years, students have opportunity to broaden their skills by studying in the School’s NYC studio or abroad in the Florence and/or London programs.
  • In the fourth year, students also enroll in an advanced studio, selecting from a group of studios offered by prominent architects serving as visiting critics. Throughout the course of study, students make frequent field trips to major cities, beginning in the first year with a trip to New York.
  • The focus of the fifth and last year of the BArch program is the design thesis. Each student chooses his or her own topic of study and method in order to execute a unique design proposal. A thesis awards jury consisting of professionals and professors reviews thesis work for the awarding of school prizes.

Student Performance Criteria

Every accredited architecture degree program must demonstrate that each graduate possesses the knowledge and skills defined by the criteria established by the National Architectural Accrediting Board (NAAB). These criteria help accredited degree programs prepare students for the profession while encouraging education practices suited to the individual degree program. Learn more about these criteria here.