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The Plot/Print room is a staffed print facility serving SUSOA students and faculty, and is located in Room 013 adjacent to the large computer lab on the ground floor of Slocum.

Printing Fees

Fees are charged for all printing and plotting on school-owned devices. Learn more about the pay-per-plot system here. These fees are used to pay for the operation of the printing and plotting facilities, including plotter maintenance, supplies and equipment replacement. Prices are set below average commercial rates in the region. Printing material not connected with architectural course work is prohibited.

Services & Equipment

Services provided include high-quality color printing with 36” color ink-jet plotters, as well as 36” black and white laser output. The large format black and white laser machine (Luma) acts as a printer/copier/scanner. Learn more about the equipment here.

Studio Printing

Students can print to the lab printers and plotters from their own computers. Learn how to do it here.


Problems or concerns related to the equipment in the computer labs or the Plot/Print Room should be directed to the Plot Monitor on duty or via e-mail to Andy Molloy at Check out the plotting tutorials.


The plotter room is generally open from 8:30 a.m. to 11 p.m. daily during the semester, and is open only when a plot monitor is on duty in the lab. Other times the room is closed and locked. The hours of operation are posted on the plotter room door and online. A full-time plot monitor covers the weekday hours; paid student monitors cover evenings and weekends.

The plot queues are disabled from 11 p.m. to 7 a.m. Plots can be sent overnight—they will remain in the queues and will print starting at 7 a.m.


Plotter supplies are handled by designated plot monitors. Students should locate the on-duty plot monitor if a plotter or printer needs to be resupplied with paper, ink, or toner.


Coated 26 lb paper is supplied for all color plotters. Students may use specific alternate types of paper at their expense—check the sign in the plot room for the allowed paper types. The on-duty plot monitor must load student-provided paper.

Sheet Feeding

On the large plotters, sheet feeding is allowed only on the HP DesignJet T1200 plotter (Yoshi). The maximum length is 60 inches. Only specific approved paper is allowed for sheet feeding; no thick, curled paper or thin tracing-like paper is permitted. No Maidstone, self-trimmed or self-cut sheets may be used. Check the sign in the plot room for the allowed paper types, which are available for purchase in the SU Bookstore.

Maximum Printing Dimensions & File Sizes

On the large plotters and Luma, the maximum paper size from the roll feed is 36” by 129”. The maximum size for sheet feeds to Yoshi is 36” by 60”. Large file sizes (>250 mb) sent to the printers are automatically deleted. Learn how to optimize your prints before sending them.

Scrap & Unclaimed Prints

Please discard all scrap paper and draft prints into the blue bins or recycling containers. Unclaimed prints will be discarded after one day. All paper on the floor or left on computer tables for more than one day may be discarded; please be responsible for your own cleanup.