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Computing News - SPRING 2022

  • New lab software: Davinci Resolve 17, V-Ray 5.2, Enscape 3.2, Lumion 12, Meshlab 2021, ClimateStudio 1.6.8, Twinmotion 2021, Unity 2021.2.8, Sketchup Pro 2021.
  • New hardware: 55” and 65” Samsung Flip2 Touchscreens; 360 deg camera; Rode and Jabra mic kits; Logitech Meetup room webconferencing device.
  • New lab hardware: 20 Dell Precision 3650 workstations
  • Plot room: new Epson P700 inkjet printer (Pidgit) replaced the old Pipsi.

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  • When working with large files on lab computers, consider copying them to to C:\Temp instead of working with them from a network folder or USB storage device for improved performance. Don’t forget to copy them back to another location when finished.
  • Make sure to keep backup copies of your files in two different locations. Keep one copy in cloud storage (Google Drive, OneDrive) and another on a USB storage device or on your H drive. Your media could go bad at any time, causing your files to be lost. Periodically save your project under a new file name, so that you can go back to an older version if your file becomes corrupted.
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