Undergraduate students typically study away in the third or fourth year of the B.Arch program. Most students spend a semester studying off campus, but the opportunity exists to enroll for two consecutive semesters, as well. Our programs are also open to advanced B.Arch students who are currently enrolled in an accredited architecture program. Special scholarship opportunities exist to aid students in taking advantage of these programs.

In addition to the regular semester offerings, students have opportunities to study at sites worldwide as part of our short-term travel programs during the regular semester and in the summer. Previous programs have included travel to Taiwan, Ghana, Greece, Germany, Russia, Spain, Austria, China, and Japan. In all cases, the programs of study are an integral part of the curriculum making them easy and attractive options.

The School of Architecture also offers a unique program designed for students who are not currently in a professional program in architecture, but would like to study architecture in a foreign setting.