After a two hour orientation session arranged by faculty, the students are free to use the facility and receive training as needed. Students must abide by the shop rules and seek training from the staff before attempting to use unfamiliar tools and equipment. Failure to do so could result in injury, machine damage or restricted use of the shop.


The Fabrication Lab/Model Shop can be a stressful environment.  There are lots of hazards with sharp tools and heavy equipment, and the noise level during busy times can also make one nervous.  Respecting others in this space, and showing a reverence for the space itself, will reflect well on you and help the shop function properly. The shop’s staff members are trained to assist students with their projects, provide guidance in the safe and proper methods of equipment use, and perform maintenance on equipment when needed. They are also responsible for workflow logistics, and need to know in advance what people plan to do.

Please avoid last minute rushes. Besides interfering with normal workflow, it can also create a hazardous work environment for the user and others in the shop.

Please note: all users are required to clean up their work area after each session.

Helpful Tips

  • Start assignments early to give yourself and the shop staff time to work through the details.
  • Bring drawings to discuss with shop staff. They can help you decide on materials and methods.
  • Make sure to have safety glasses and closed-toed shoes.
  • Tie back long hair, and contain loose clothing and jewelry, to avoid getting caught in machinery.
  • Have a cut list ready before occupying a machine.  Others may be waiting to use it.
  • Ask for training when you need it.  Assumptions can be hazardous!
  • Let the staff know if you need to leave something in the shop.
  • Let the staff know if you need to borrow something from the shop.

Your cooperation in following these simple guidelines will help us greatly in providing you with a safe, pleasant and productive work environment.

Thank you,
John Bryant
Staff Technician