Applicants to the M.Arch program must submit a portfolio of creative and/or professional work in architecture, the visual arts, design, and/or affiliated fields.This portfolio must provide evidence of promise and potential in architecture, as well as of your interests, skills, and talent. It serves as a representation of your creative skills and aspirations, regardless of your background.

Your portfolio will be evaluated by the admissions committee on the following criteria. 

Creativity, Investigative Approach, and/or Experimentation: we look for an your ability to express original, imaginative, or innovative thinking in material form and demonstrate an experimental attitude toward your investigations, in whatever forms best represent your strengths.

Graphics/Visual Communication: we look at the composition, layout, and typography of the overall portfolio, as well as of the work contained within it for evidence of your communication abilities.

Research, Design Research, and Design Thinking: we look for evidence of research and/or design thinking skills that demonstrate your areas of strength; these may take, but are not limited to, forms of comparative analysis/case studies, cultural/contextual investigations, and/or environmental/building performance assessments.

Design Skills: for applicants with backgrounds in any design fields, we look for evidence of compositional, formal, and organizational skills in both 2d and 3d design, in whatever media are appropriate to your disciplinary areas of study/practice.

Architectural Design and Visual Communication: for applicants with backgrounds in architectural design, we look for strengths in applying design and graphic/visual communication skills to architectural problems; we look for a variety of clear 2d and 3d representations, in any media, manually or digitally produced.

It is expected that all work include explanatory text as necessary for the reviewers to understand the specific topic, context, framework, or intent of the work. All work should also indicate the approximate date of production and whether it was a result of coursework, professional or freelance activities, or collaboration.  If done collaboratively, please identify your specific role in the collaboration.

Portfolios should be submitted online via Slideroom by January 3.

Video submission (Optional; Strongly encouraged)

It is helpful for the admissions committee to get to know each candidate personally.

To submit your video (no longer than 5 minutes), please record and edit however you would like, and submit as part of your portfolio submission via Slideroom.

Please select one of the following questions, below, to answer in your video:

  • What do you see as the most significant challenge in architecture today?
  • Why do you want to pursue a Master’s degree in Architecture? What are your goals after graduation?
  • Take us via video to a local architectural structure. Explain what makes it interesting to you as a student of architecture.