MArch applicants who have completed or are about to complete an undergraduate degree in a non-professional program in architecture or environmental studies may apply for advanced standing in design. Advanced standing is determined after a complete review of the applicant’s portfolio, transcripts, and relevant course syllabi by the admissions committee.  

A maximum of 30% of credits counted toward any master’s degree at Syracuse University may be accepted from another institution. For the MArch degree, advanced standing applicants may be eligible to receive up to 33 credits counted toward their degree, allowing a student to complete the degree in as few as two years.  

If you are applying for advanced standing, in addition to your portfolio, you are required to submit a single PDF containing full course syllabi for courses taken in or after your third year of study at the undergraduate level (this includes graduate coursework) in architectural history, architectural theory, building sciences/building technology, and architectural structures in which you have earned a ‘B’ or better. We will use these during the application process to determine your eligibility to enter the program with advanced standing status in each of these curricular areas. Your portfolio will be used to determine your eligibility to receive advanced standing in the studio sequence.

The admissions committee and the graduate chair maintain complete discretion in determining whether submitted coursework sufficiently duplicates the content of required courses in the MArch curriculum and thus qualifies for advanced standing.  

While we seek to determine advanced standing during the admissions process, eligibility in some curricular areas may be determined during the fall orientation week at the start of the program. Accepted students will be notified of advanced standing status in their letters of admission, including whether or not they should prepare materials for evaluation during the fall orientation week.