MArch applicants who have completed or are about to complete an undergraduate degree from a four-year baccalaureate degree program in architecture may qualify for waived coursework equivalent to courses in the SU MArch program, or applicants may receive advanced standing, if students show strong 2D/3D computer skills, extensive design studio and/or professional experience. Advanced standing is determined after a complete review of the applicant’s application and portfolio by the admissions committee.

All admitted students are eligible to sit for equivalency exams in the areas of Architectural History and Structures. These are offered during the orientation week prior to the first week of classes. Students who demonstrate competency on these exams equivalent to our coursework will receive equivalency credits in these subject areas that can be applied to the total number of credits required to graduate. Students entering with advanced standing who demonstrate this equivalent competency will be able to waive specific courses in these subject areas, but will need to substitute elective credits, as they will still be required to complete 76 credits at Syracuse University to meet the degree requirements.