James Britton Memorial Awards were established in 1982 by James “Jack” Britton Jr. in memory of his father, a 1925 graduate of the School and long-time architect in the Syracuse community. He stayed heavily involved with the school after graduation, serving as a juror on student critiques for many years.

The first Britton Memorial Award was given in 1983 to recognize the best final projects by graduate and undergraduate students in the professional degree programs. Every year since, three thesis projects have been chosen by a jury made up of faculty and visiting practitioners.

Awards are given at Convocation to the students producing the best senior thesis projects during the current academic year. Each award consists of a bronze medal bearing the recipient’s name and date of the award and a certificate, as well as a financial prize of $2,000.


David Bullard
Carolina Hasbun Elias

Ahnaf Chowdhury
Anuradha Desai

Furui Sun


Yen Hsi Tung

Yuchi Kuo

Nathaniel Banks

Yidian Liu

Andrea Dominguez

Shaguni Gupta


Ana Hernandez Derbez

Domenica Velasco

Vivek Njanappilly Cherif Farid

Jessica Ordaz-Garcia

Stephanie Tager

Fang Fan Alyssa Goraieb
2015 Steven O’Hara Joshua Graham Rebecca Soja
2014 Jesse Ganes Ashley Marshall Yuxiang Luo
2013 Patrick Ruggiero, Jr. Kristopher Menos Maria Saavedra
2012 W. Andrew Weigand Valerie Herrera Dylan Forester
2011 Gabriel Jewell-Vitale Timothy Gale Jeffrey Kamuda
2010 Kyle Weeks Ryan Kowalczyk Nicole Laughlin
2009 Beth Mosenthal Paul Miller Elizabeth Quick
2008 Eric Wilson Christine McMahon Sophia Tang
2007 Robert Daurio Dale Lunan David Turturo
2006 Leonardo Perez Bruce Molino Emily Wiles
2005 Christopher Hayner Naomi Susman Katherine Hogan
2004 Linnea Stuart

Michael Prattico

John Lacy

Wesley Schwartz

Zhe Wang

2003 Timothy Lock Wei Zhao Paul Ferrari
2002 Alice Carey Ashraf Osman Jesse Nicholson
2001 Trevor Lavoie Audra Manzano Joel Kline
2000 Samantha Whitney Richard Nisa William Hoisington
1999 Yanel DeAngel Ryan Dillon Gonazlo X. Diez
1998 Thomas Zoli Catarina Ferreira Kerri Ferrara
1997 Benjamin Pell Matthew Burgermaster Liz Melendez
1996 Christopher Pizzi William Truitt Kang Chang
1995 Salvatore Canciello Andrew Thurlow Lea Ciavarra
1994 Hans J. Graf Amornrit Pukdeedamrongrit Rajeev Thakker
1993 Robert Finger Nina Ebbighausen Lawrence Wright, Jr.
1992 Kevin Sloan Timothy deNoble Richard Lucas
1991 Maria Polar Angel Cocera John Munford
1990 Gerard Damiani Scott A. Erdy Aaron Bentley
1989 Charles M. Breau Alejandro Ceppi Timothy Cohen
1988 Jill Brunstead Erik Hoffman Thomas Kinslow
1987 Victoria Ashley Lilian Berindoague Jon Eric Moss
1986 Alice Raucher Joseph Mahota Margaret Griffin
1985 Amy Coburn Angeline Ho Christopher Ruck
1984 John Berger Peter Gross Jeanne Stoney
1983 Mike Siegel Martin Dermady Wyatt Nelson