Advisors: Lawrence Chua and Susan Henderson

This AG focusses on projects that are critically engaged with historical research and knowledge about the past.

TUESDAY, MAY 3, 9am-5:45pm, room 401

Internal Critics: Richard Rosa, Mark Linder, Terrance Goode, Benjamin Vanmuysen

9-9:45am Parker D. Klebahn
10-10:45am Xiaojun (Kathy) Zhou
Preservative Recombination
11-11:45am Lawry Boyer
Delaminating the Real
12 noon-1pm Lunch
1-1:45pm Kristabel Chung
Stored Labor
2-2:45pm Daria Agapitova
3-3:45pm Ying Xuan Tan & Xi Xiang
4-4:45pm Shuyu Meng
Sarajevo Art and Activist Center
5-5:45pm Ximeng Luo & Shihui Zhu