The jurors award student work in the graduate and undergraduate integrated design studios (ARC 607 and ARC 409). The criteria for selection includes incorporating all areas of the professional curriculum in support of design excellence and constructing clarity among abstract concepts that elevate architecture as a cultural art and the materials and technologies by which it is materialized.

Projects are nominated by students and faculty to compete for six prizes in three categories: the Design Prize, juried by three renowned architects; the Innovation and Integration of Systems Thinking, juried by two renowned structural and environmental consultants; and the King+King Prize, juried by representatives of King+King Architects.

2022/2023 nominees

Consultant Jury (Systems Innovation and Integration)

  • Rui Cao and Qi Liu
  • Nikita Goswami and Duda Carvalho
  • Alexandra Grypinich and Qiying Ruan

Design Jury (Wholistic Concept+Systems Design Prize)

  • Peiyu (Lucas) Luo and Adrian Suciu
  • Danlin Sun, Lillian Zhao, and Yangyang (Kevin) Zhu
  • Linxi (Jenny) Zhang and Greta Ulatowski

Honorable Mention

  • Yixing (Cindy) Liu and Olivia Porrill

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