Gena Wirth
SCAPE Studio

Gena Wirth is a designer, urban planner, and horticulturalist practicing at SCAPE Landscape Architecture in New York City, where she pulls from her interdisciplinary training to create ecologically rich and culturally relevant landscapes from the infrastructural scale to the site level. As an associate at SCAPE she leads projects that bridge research and practice, including the Columbia University Medical and Graduate Education Building Landscape, Town Branch Commons in Lexington, KY, Academy, Petrochemical America(Aperture Foundation, 2012), and the Museum of Modern Art exhibition Oyster-tecture. Further, Gena is an integral part of the project team which is working with the EDC to find sustainable solutions to help prevent the next super storm from damaging New York. She has taught interdisciplinary landscape studios at the Columbia University Graduate School of Architecture, Planning, and Preservation and Rutgers University.

(Richard Gluckman Endowed Visiting Critic)


Spring 2015