Attending a school computing orientation grants access to the SOA computer labs, network printers and network shared school folders. It is also necessary to utilize the school’s pay-per-print system and digital fabrication facilities, including 3D printers, CNC mill and laser cutters.

The orientation is held at the beginning of the school year and is open to students that are currently enrolled in the Architecture program. The orientation reviews digital culture, plotting, and use of hardware and software offered in the labs. Upon completion, each student must fill out and submit an access form (available at the orientation). Access will usually be ready within 24 hours, and the student will receive a confirmation email. 

Students agree that they have read the Computing Policies section of the White Book (Undergraduate) or Gray Book (Graduate), as well as the White/Gray Book addendum entitled SUSOA Computing Acceptable Use Policy and Practices, and agree to conduct themselves in a professional manner when utilizing the computing resources of the School. Violations of the policies or guidelines may result in suspension or termination of access to the SOA computer labs, network printers, and network shared folders.

The school’s computing policies are contained in the following documents.

Students also agree to abide by Syracuse University’s IT policies.

Computer lab password

User your SU NetID and NetID password to login to the school’s computer labs.