Liu Z.Y.

Liu Z.Y. has been practicing as project architect at both SANAA and KSA (Kazuyo Sejima & Associates) in Tokyo, Japan since 2018 and is responsible for major works in China including the Suzhou Shishan Theatre, Kunshan Museum and mixed cultural spaces. His past professional experience includes Pelli Clarke Pelli Architects, standardarchitecture and URBANUS.

Before joining SANAA, Liu Z.Y. was awarded a teaching fellowship at Yale University, taught design studio at Southeast University, and assisted in Suzhou Garden class at University of New South Wales. He has curated exhibitions at Yale School of Architecture and Beijing Design Week and published articles in academic journals including Retrospecta, Perspecta, Construct, Time Architecture and others.

Liu Z.Y. received a master’s degree in architecture from Yale School of Architecture and a bachelor’s degree from UNSW.


Fall 2021