4:00pm EDT September 24, 2020

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Mini-Series: Juliette Spertus

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Hosted by ARC 307

Juliette Spertus
Co-founder, ClosedLoops
Project Manager in Sustainability Programs, New York City Housing Authority

Dirty Work: Waste, Cities and Considerations for Urban Design

In 1969, Roosevelt Island’s designers imagined a neighborhood so pleasant that it could keep the middle class from fleeing New York City’s urban crisis. Amenities included automated garbage collection via pneumatic tube. Over the last decade cities around the world have acknowledged the need to reduce their impact on the environment by reducing waste and investing in the circular economy. The Zero Waste Design Guidelines proposed tools to help architects adapt buildings and neighborhoods to enable a zero waste future. In 2020, quality of life and public health in dense urban environments is in question as never before. Drawing on these case studies and my experience working on the implementation of the NYCHA 2.0 Solid Waste Management Plan, I will consider how learning to design for waste can help keep urban communities alive. 

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