Brandi Mack

Brandi Mack is the Director of Community Engagement at Designing Justice + Designing Spaces, an Oakland-based architecture and real estate development non-profit working to end mass incarceration by building infrastructure that addresses its root causes: poverty, racism, and the criminal justice system itself.

Mack is a native Oaklander, mother of three beautiful daughters, holistic health educator, therapeutic massage therapist and permaculture designer and living systems thought leader.

She has worked and trained in the trauma-informed youth development sector for over fifteen years using Urban Farming as a tool for personal development. Mack currently is the national director of The Butterfly Movement and provides coaching in Restorative Justice with Oakland Unified School District. She uses living systems principles to activate, support, and guide individuals and communities connection back to the land and a renewed self.

Mack holds a bachelor’s degree in Human Service Management, a certification from Star Hawk’s Earth Activist Training and is currently working towards a certification in Biomimicry.