3:30pm - 5:00pm EDT June 22, 2017

Tarek Rakha R&T Forum/Webinar

In FAST Syracuse: Streets are for People!
A yearlong study identified multiple opportunities to promote adoption of multi-modal, sustainable transportation alternatives in the City of Syracuse. The study evaluated the feasibility of developing, implementing, growing and promoting three urban mobility systems:
  1. Human-Powered Mobility through enhancing walkability and bikeability in strategically targeted areas
  2. Sharing Economy in the form of sharing of bikes and electric vehicles
  3. Public Transportation through better integration with existing regional services

A brief overview of the results and recommendations will be presented by Dr. Tarek Rakha, assistant professor of architecture at Syracuse University, who led the team that performed the study. The presentation will be followed by an exhibition of the findings, including public engagement for feedback and assimilation of commentary in the final report.

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