1:00pm - 7:00pm EST February 3, 2017

Ishness & Counter-Absolutes

Boghosian Fellow symposium

Please join us for the inaugural Syracuse Architecture Boghosian symposium, “Ishness & Counter-Absolutes,” organized by Assistant Professor Maya Alam, 2016-17 Boghosian Fellow.

The Boghosian symposium enables the Fellow to produce and present work that is meant to engage the larger Syracuse Architecture community in a discussion about issues relevant to contemporary architecture.

Says Alam, “Our time is asking for definite answers, and thus, somewhat paradoxically, certainty becomes more of an improbability than ever. Similarly to art (and other aspects of humanity), architecture has not been a stranger to persistent questions for absolutes. Questions of authorship, source, imitation or creation, blending-in or standing-out are prevailing.

However, the world we live in cannot be understood as a singular entity - the in-between happens to be our current reality. Uncertainty is understood to be an obstacle in architectural practice today, and the fallacy that it can be avoided through rigorous planning and design remains persistent.

We experience a new paradigm shift where public and private blend into one another; with the ever-growing, multi-layered digital presence of our real-time, social networking reality, we are, more than ever, confronted with a multiplicity of media platforms that challenge both our perception of our environment, as well as our multivalent presence in it. Therefore, maybe, uncertainty can become a chance for new conversations instead of reasons for capitulation.”

This symposium invites architects to examine their work through the lens of “ishness, in-between & other uncertainties.” A series of short presentations by the participants will lead to a round table discussion that will further shape a conversation around the potential of “ishness” in architectural practice.

  • Three panel discussions, each with a 15-minute intro by Maya Alam, followed by a round table discussion moderated by Dean Michael Speaks.

Symposium participants

  • Kristy Balliet
    Balliet Studio / BairBalliet / Ohio State University’s Knowlton School of Architecture & Southern California Institute of Architecture (Sci-Arc)
  • Erin Besler
    Besler & Sons / UCLA School of the Arts and Architecture
  • Sarah Blankenbaker
    University of Illinois at Chicago College of Architecture and the Arts
  • Mira Henry
    Southern California Institute of Architecture (SCI-Arc)
  • Molly Hunker
    SPORTS / Syracuse University School of Architecture
  • Nicole McIntosh
    Architecture Office / Syracuse University School of Architecture
  • Carrie Norman
    Norman Kelley / Columbia Graduate School of Architecture, Planning and Preservation (GSAPP)
  • Rosalyne Shieh
    Schaum/Shieh Architects / Yale School of Architecture