Advisors: Elizabeth Kamell and Timothy Stenson

Human societies and their cities are messy. Culture, labor, ritual and politics are at play, in small part and in whole, in the evolution of cities and their architectures. Cities – urban contexts – are the arenas within with architecture operates.

About and in the context of “city,” architects conceptualize, strategize, and articulate shifted, provisional and recombinant form fields. Situating form – constructing intentional relationships between the new and extant forms and fields – changes our physical, cultural, and political environments; it is the urban play of architecture.

This advising group is dedicated to the construction and advancement of architectural projects that are situated in the city and that will explore, expand, dissect, diagnose form questions in relation a broad variety of topics. Subjects of interest include: shrinking cities, climate change and flooding, urban housing, typology and ritual, building form and environmental performance systems.

We will support individual investigation and expect student authors to take positions, pursuing argument through advancing research, design process and production.

wednesday, may 3, 9 am - 4 pm, room 402 & VC studio

Internal Critics: Bédard, Park, Wang, Davis, Parga

9:00 AM Yu Jie Chen & Jun Yue Samantha Ching
Urban Commödities
(Slocum 402)
9:55 AM Yunus Ikharo
The Influence of Culture
10:45 AM Sean Lee
Theatrics of Protest
11:35 AM Prajwala Gaddalay
1:15 PM Calvin Leung
Impromptu Ad-Hoc Cardboard City
2:10 PM Zhi Fei Li
Resiliency, Retrofit, Sustainability
3:05 PM Terence Keith Nielsen
Echoes of City Planning