Advisor: Mark Linder, Emily Pellicano

The astounding imaging capacities of digital technologies and the imaging practices they have generated – from printing and fabricating to screening and scanning to modeling and animating, from the ubiquitous and banal to the rarified and esoteric – are extreme alterations in human culture and experience that engage and immerse us, as casual and expert users, in imaging products and environments.

This AG asks: how can architecture critically engage and creatively build on this wide range of imaging practices to productively, practically, speculatively, knowingly, enthusiastically, and skeptically construct, challenge, alter, and imagine actual and novel realities?

This AG will collectively pursue design theory and design research. We will employ synthetic (human/machine) imaging to explore the ‘latent space’ of artificial imagination as media of architectural design:

  • within the broader context of social, political, aesthetic, and economic issues
  • while encouraging iterative experimentation with open-source machine learning tools as imaging media
  • by connecting machine learning to evolving and novel approaches to architectural design and discourse
  • by challenging seemingly (but not actually) moribund issues such as authorship, authenticity, and representation

Through the creation and interrogation of synthetic imaging, we will:

  • question the role and redefine the identity of the architect
  • re-imagine the architect as a curator and editor of language, data, prompts, and outputs
  • perform design as real-time collaboration with synthetic intelligence and imagination

tuesday, may 2, 1 - 5 pm, Room 402 & marble room

Internal Critics: Miller, Memaran Dadgar

  • Kimberly Esquilin
    Outpainting Latin
  • Madeline Alves & Erin Zearfoss
    Artificially Alternate Bauhaus
  • Pramita Mital
    Where Yesterday Meets Tomorrow
  • Chloe Demarco & Julia Kazubowski
    Emotional Matter
    (Marble Room)
  • Emir Lin & Houming Lu & Yifei Xia
    Inner Harbor
  • Xinqi Meng & Haihui Zhu
    The A.I.-Powered Fun Palace