Bess Krietemeyer
Assistant Professor

B.Arch. magna cum laude, M.S., Architectural Sciences, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute; Ph.D. in Architectural Sciences, RPI Center for Architecture Science and Ecology

Bess Krietemeyer is an architectural designer and researcher focused on the ways in which emerging material technologies, human interaction, and computational simulations influence the design of sustainable built environments. Prior to joining the faculty at Syracuse, Bess was a HASS Fellow at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute’s Center for Architecture Science and Ecology (CASE), where she received her Ph.D. in Architectural Sciences. She has practiced with Lubrano Ciavarra Architects and with Skidmore, Owings, & Merrill (SOM) on the design of international projects that integrate next-generation building technologies.

Bess teaches technical and design courses focused on the integration of building systems, environmental data, and user feedback loops into design processes. She leads the Interactive Design and Visualization Lab at the Syracuse Center of Excellence (COE) where she conducts interdisciplinary research on advanced building technologies and human interaction using immersive simulation techniques. Her current research is developing hybrid-reality simulations for interactive design and energy performance testing at the building envelope and urban scales.

She has published and presented this design research in several forums, including installations at the Hendershot Gallery in Manhattan and at the Experimental Media and Performing Arts Center (EMPAC) in Troy, NY, as well as for peer-reviewed journals and conferences, including SmartGeometry, the International Society for Optics and Photonics (SPIE), Interiors, IJAC, ACSA, ACADIA, and ACM CHI (Human-Computer-Interaction). A recipient of the ARCC King Medal for Excellence in Architecture, she has contributed book chapters to Architecture in Formation, and Inside Smartgeometry: Expanding the Architectural Possibilities of Computational Design, and in the forthcoming book Architecture and Interaction.


  • Bioresponsive Building Envelopes, Experimental Media and Performance Arts Center, (EMPAC),Troy, NY (2012)
  • Dynamic Façade, Hendershot Gallery, New York, NY (2009-2010)

Grants and Awards

  • Shenzhen Institute of Building Research (IBR): Development of Software and Database of Green Design Studio for Sustainable Buildings: Phase I Co-PI with Jensen Zhang (PI), Peng Gao (Co-PI), Jian Tang (Co-PI), Yanzhi Yang (Co-PI) (2015)
  • Center of Excellence under contract from the NYS Department of Economic Development Research Grant: Advancement of an Interactive Virtual Urban and CoE Building Energy Model PI with Lorne Covington (Co-PI), Jensen Zhang (Co-PI), Amber Bartosh (Co-PI) (2015)
  • Syracuse University School of Architecture Faculty Research Grant: Design, Simulation, and Prototype Testing for Next-Generation Thermo-Chromic Building Envelope Systems Co-PI with Amber Bartosh (Co-PI), Pat Mather (Co-PI), David Shanks (Co-PI) (2015)
  • Syracuse University School of Architecture Faculty Research Grant: Advancing Computational Frameworks for Responsive Building Technologies: Designing New Material Behaviors for Multi-User / Multi-Modal Interactions – PI (2014)
  • Syracuse University School of Architecture Faculty Research Grant: Interactive Architectural/Media Design Research Studio – PI (2014)
  • SmartGeometry Workshop Cluster Leader (2012)
  • NYSERDA Research Grant (Research Fellow with RPI/CASE, PI: Anna Dyson): Advanced Sensors and Controls for Building and Industrial Applications: Electropolymeric Dynamic Daylighting System (2011)
  • NYSERDA Research Grant (Research Fellow with RPI/CASE, PI: Jason Vollen): Electropolymeric Dynamic Daylighting System (2010)
  • Harriet R. Peck Prize for Best Thesis in Architecture (2005)
  • AIA / AAF Scholarship for High Academic Proficiency and Professional Promise (2005)

Lectures and Papers

  • Center of Excellence Research & Technology May 12th Forum: Environmentally Responsive Architecture through Interactive Design, Prototyping and Simulation – Presenter: Interactive Simulations for High-Performance Building Design (2015)
  • Shenzhen Institute of Building Research (IBR) June 4th Workshop – Presenter: Visualizing and Interacting with High-Performance Architectural Design (2015)
  • Florida Atlantic University School of Architecture Lecture Series (Fort Lauderdale, FL). Presenter: Towards Bioresponsiveness in Architectural Design (2014)
  • Center of Excellence Research & Technology December 16th Forum: The Sistine Chapel: Innovative HVAC Solutions to Preserve Michelangelo’s Frescoes – Moderator (2014)
  • Center of Excellence 14th Annual Symposium - Advanced Building Innovations: Integrating Systems for Efficiency, Quality and Resilience (Syracuse, NY) – Presenter: Visualizing and Experiencing High Performance Building Design (2014)
  • Center of Excellence 14th Annual Symposium - Advanced Building Innovations: Integrating Systems for Efficiency, Quality and Resilience (Syracuse, NY) – Presenter: Examining the Environmental Effects of Human Interaction with Responsive Building Envelope Systems (2014)
  • Transections: An Interdisciplinary Exploration of Design Between the Science and Humanities, Syracuse University (Syracuse, NY) - Panelist and Presenter: Materialities (2014)
  • Adaptive Solar Building Systems, Resiliency and the Built Environment Colloquium Panelist, Troy, NY (2013)
  • Industrial and Interaction Design, College of Visual and Performing Arts, Syracuse University (Syracuse, NY). Lecturer: Designing Material Behaviors (2013)
  • Imagining America 13th Annual National Conference: A Call to Action, Syracuse University (Syracuse, NY) - Panelist: Why Resiliency Now? (A Modern Primitive Exchange) (2013)
  • Bioresponsive Building Envelopes, SmartGeometry International Symposium, Troy, NY (2012) 


  • “Real-Time Multi-Zone Building Performance Impacts of Occupant Interaction with Dynamic Façade Systems,” with Kurt Rogler. Proceedings of the 33rd Annual International Conference of the Association for Education and Research in Computer Aided Architectural Design in Europe (eCAADe), Vienna, Austria (2015)
  • “A Computational Design Framework Supporting Human Interaction with Environmentally-responsive Building Envelopes,” with Brandon Andow and Anna Dyson. International Journal of Architectural Computing, Issue 1, Volume 13 (2015)
  • “Human-Facade-Interaction: Constructing Augmented Reality Simulations for Co-Optimizing Dynamic Building Skin Performance,” with Brandon Andow and Anna Dyson. Proceedings of the Materials Research Society (MRS): Adaptive Architecture and Programmable Matter, San Francisco, CA (2015)
  • “A Performative Dance of Agency.” Proceedings of the ACSA 103rd Annual Meeting – The Expanding Periphery and the Migrating Center, Toronto, Canada (2015)
  • “Advancing Immersive and Interactive Environments for Simulating Dynamic Building Envelope Performance.” Proceedings of the ACM Conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems (CHI) – Interaction and Architectural Space, Toronto, Canada (2014)
  • “An Adaptive Decision-Making Framework for Designing Material Behaviors.” Proceedings of the 19th International Conference of the Association of Computer-Aided Architectural Design Research in Asia (CAADRIA) – Rethinking Comprehensive Design: Speculative Counterculture, Kyoto, Japan (2014) 
  •  “Electroactive Dynamic Display Systems (EDDS),” with Anna Dyson and PH Stark. Book chapter in Architecture in Formation, Ed. by Pablo Lorenzo-Eiroa and Aaron Sprecher. Routledge, New York (2013)
  • “Interacting with the Model,” with Neil Katz and Tobias Schwinn. Book chapter in Inside Smartgeometry: Expanding the Architectural Possibilities of Computational Design, Ed. by Brady Peters and Terri Peters. John Wiley & Sons, London, p.80-91 (2013)
  • “Performance Criteria for Dynamic Window Systems Utilizing Nanostructured Behaviors for Energy Harvesting and Environmental Comfort,” with Brandon Andow, Peter Stark, and Anna Dyson, SPIE Sensors and Smart Structures, Vol 8692 (2013)  
  • “The Interior Experience of Daylighting Technologies: Histories and Potential Futures,” with Joseph Godlewski, Interiors: Design, Architecture, Culture, Berg Publishers. Vol. 3:1-2, p.59-84 (2012)
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Administration and Service

  • Mayors’ Institute on City Design (MICD) Host Leadership Team (2014)
  • Syracuse Center of Excellence (COE) Symposium Program Committee (2014) 
  • NYSERDA Technical Reviewer (2013)
  • Syracuse University School of Architecture Search Committee (Chair, 2014-2015)
  • Syracuse University School of Architecture Technology Committee (2013-2014)