Advisor: Richard Rosa, Valeria Herrera

‘Architecture as the Design of Buildings’ will be concerned with the study and advancement of the notion of Architecture as the Design of Buildings as framed through one or more of four areas of focus:

  • The Form | Content symbiosis re; Surface | Space | Structure | Symbol
  • Image-Making | Experimental Representation | Technique | Drawing | Painting | Video
  • Narrative | Memory | Sequence | Meaning
  • History | Typology | Analysis | Civilization | City | Identity

The Architectural Thesis is the student’s project and not the advisor’s project. The core ideas, interests and ambitions are self-initiated by the student. AG “Architectural Design” is positioned to assist the student in clarifying, evolving and architecturalizing the student’s initial provocations. We work to support the student’s fundamental disciplinary topic within the study of the design of  buildings and to not mold them according to our own. We will help direct, refine and demystify the thesis to frame an architectural issue, contention or curiosity. We will help the student develop a more focused approach and ultimately realize a precise thesis statement that articulates the architectural issue/s endemic to the project. While the advisor’s sensibilities will influence the work, the core values, goals and scope should come from the student’s…position.

We will look things up, we will read things, we will draw things, we will model things, we will record discoveries and will engage in the parallel activity of speculation. We will conduct analyses of architectural content and also of non-architectural content. We will work largely through making while grounding work in the appropriate areas of theoretical, historical and or architectural discourse. We do expect/require that all “Architecture as the Design of Buildings” thesis endeavors are to be architectural design projects and that they contend with issues of context, utility, language, typology, space and the evolution of the architectural species, i.e. making Architecture.

tuesday, may 2, 10 am - 4 pm, rooms 401 & 414

Internal Critics: Davis, Pellicano, Parga, Stenson

10:00 AM Ellie Derwenskus
Intermediary Realm
(Slocum 414)
11:00 AM Ebonia Moody
Housing the Homeless
(Slocum 401)
1:00 PM Miles Forminard
Modern Organic Architecture
(Slocum 414)
2:00 PM Rahmah Gimba
A Nigerian City
(Slocum 401)
3:00 PM Mario Benedict
Contemplation in the Commonplace
(Slocum 414)


wednesday, may 3, 10 am - 4 pm, rooms 314 & 414

Internal Critics: Henderson, Stenson, Shanks, Pellicano

10:00 AM Isabel Sierra

Museum of the Mechanical Eye
(Slocum 414)

11:00 AM Justin Difabritis
Suppression | Liberation
(Slocum 314)
1:00 PM

Jaifer Sultan
Eternal Imprint

(Slocum 414)

2:00 PM Alexander Estes & Eli Austin

Thesis of Simultaneity
(1st Floor Atrium)

3:00 PM Eli Austin & Alexander Estes
Thesis of Simultaneity
(Slocum 314)