5:15pm EDT October 8, 2019

Maxi Spina & Jia Gu

D. Kenneth Sargent Visiting Critics

Maxi Spina
Co-Director of Spinagu
Design Faculty and Applied Studies Faculty at SCI-Arc

Jia Gu
Co-Director of Spinagu
Executive Director of Materials & Applications

Scenes & Screens

The lecture is a survey of Spinagu‘s recent work and thinking around old and new media in architectural production. The dual pressures of digital tooling (which allow for the endless finessing of forms) and digital imaging (which allows for the endless circulation of images) have pushed other forms of technological and visual explorations to the periphery. The studio is interested in interrogating architectural modes of production in order to understand how architectural tools and procedures produce and effect perception itself. The survey of work spans multiple scales and covers a broad range of interest and agendas, from scholarly investigations into the history of architectural representations and exhibitions, to the interrogation of digital procedures and the representational space of software. Through their work, Gu and Spina engages a long history of ideas and craft in architecture.