4:00pm EDT October 21, 2017

Luming Wang & Zhenfei Wang (NYC)


Luming Wang and Zhenfei Wang graduated from Berlage Institute in Rotterdam with an advanced master degree of architecture in 2007. They worked in UNStudio(Amsterdam). Before that, they each earned a bachelor degree of architecture from Tianjin University. They founded HHDFUN in 2008 in Beijing.

HHDFUN is a design and research studio, which consisted of architects, designers, programmers and etc. With interests in bringing knowledge from various fields outside of architecture and applying them into architecture design, they devote themselves into producing some “unexpected” designs which distinguished from the conventional. HHDFUN work collaboratively with people from all walks of life, such as artists, fashion designers, mathematicians and engineers etc. They are exploring the new design possibilities by means of this cross-over cooperation.

Luming and Zhenfei have won numeric awards including: “2015 ICONIC AWARD” (Winner)(Germany),  “2016 GERMAN DESIGN AWARD (Special Mention)(Germany),” “A Design Award (Platinum) (Italy),” “2017 ICONIC AWARD” (Winner)(Germany),” and the Grand Architectural Creation Award (China). Zhenfei Wang also awarded the third prize of the New Chinese Architecture at CA’ASI held by Architecture Studio office and AREA magazine. Their work was exhibited at the 2010 Venice Biennale.

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