1:00pm EDT May 5, 2021

Harry der Boghosian Fellowship Symposium: Cultivated Imaginaries: Superblock and the Idea of the City

Throughout the academic year, Wang, the school’s fifth Boghosian Fellow, has taught an architecture studio and two professional electives focusing on his research project, “The Architecture of the Commons.” By engaging the idea of “commons” in relation to the disciplinary knowledge of architecture and particularly through the lens of the superblock development, Wang and his students have contemplated the role of architecture as both common means for spatial production and common knowledge in conceiving new modes of collective life and the idea of the city.

Organized as a live, roundtable discussion, the symposium will open a broader discussion on the new possibilities that might follow from a rigorous reconceptualization of the relationship between the superblock—its architecture, urbanism and socio-political processes—and the idea of the city—in both western and Chinese contexts—through its history, imaginary and representation.

Michael Speaks, dean of the Syracuse University School of Architecture, along with Wang, will moderate the discussion.


Eve Blau
Adjunct Professor of the History and Theory of Urban Form and Design; Director of Research, Harvard University Graduate School of Design

Peter Carl
Professor, School of Art, Architecture and Design, London Metropolitan University

Nancy S. Steinhardt
Professor of East Asian Art, Curator of Chinese Art University of Pennsylvania

Jianfei Zhu
Professor of East Asian Architecture School of Architecture Planning & Landscape, Newcastle University