Eve Blau

Eve Blau teaches the History and Theory of Urban Form and Design at the Harvard University Graduate School of Design, where she is Director of Research and Co-Director of the Harvard Mellon Urban Initiative. She has published widely on modern architecture, urbanism, and the productive intersection of urbanism and media. Her books include Baku: Oil and Urbanism (2018), which received the 2019 DAM Architectural Book Award; The Architecture of Red Vienna, 1919-1934/Rotes Wien: Architektur 1919- 1934. Stadt-Raum-Politik (1999/2014); Project Zagreb:Transition as Condition, Strategy, Practice (2007); Shaping the Great City: Modern Architecture in Central Europe (2000); Architecture and Cubism (2001/1997); Architecture and Its Image: Four Centuries of Architectural Representation (1989). In 2015 Blau was awarded the Victor Adler State Prize by the Republic of Austria for her contributions to the  history of social movements; in 2018 she was named a Fellow of the Society of Architectural Historians.