News & Notices: E-mail is the first communication tool.  Please check it regularly for schedules, updates, and weather/flight-related cancellations from the architects.  LOTS of last-minute changes will happen, and they are out of our control.  We will all have to be flexible and “go with the flow”.  CHECK YOUR EMAIL before you arrive for your interview.  When urgent, I will attempt to text you using the cell# on your resume. 

Interviews: Some interviews will be one-on-one; some will have a team of 2 – 3 interviewers.  Some firms will send 2 – 3 interviewers so that they can run multiple interviews concurrently and in separate rooms.  
To Bring: 


  • Your portfolio, printed and bound.  Laptops for animations.
  • (Summer Job Candidates: You may show your portfolio on your laptop via
  • Fresh copy of your graphically-appealing resume, and your sample pages on good paper.


  • Sketchbook, prep book, original drawings of your thesis, small models, notepad, pen.

Bring anything that will help them get to know you, your interests, your style, your talent and how you think. You may also show paintings, photography, ceramics, sculpture, furniture and other art/fabrication in your portfolio, or a separate portfolio. 

An offer? Be prepared to discuss salary and a start date!  SOME firms will tolerate a start date as late as July 5th, but usually not later.  Most firms will NOT make formal offers during these interviews, but it does happen.  It is acceptable to ask about benefits if that info is not volunteered during the interview.

Times: Most interviews are 45 mins, but some are 30 mins.  Most interviewers run late at some point, but I will do my best to keep things in order.  Some interviewers purposely end early to make notes & get coffee before the next student. Please arrive 10 mins before your scheduled interview. If a firm is running very late, I will try to inform you before your appointment. Because so many firms are here on each day, I may not realize a firm is running late until … it’s too late to call you.

Thursday pm: Most firms will choose to meet with students on the evening before the interviews to discuss career issues and get to know the group in a more informal way.  DO NOT MISS these opportunities!  You will get a chance to see your interviewer in a somewhat anonymous meeting, all to your advantage. 
7:00-8:00pm, Room 202.

Lunch: Visitors will eat lunch with me in the Employer Lounge at Schine.  Occasionally, visitors will invite a student to interview while the visitor eats lunch.  Some invite a student or group to dinner.

Dress: Professional dress is expected. 
Men = suit and tie. 
Sport jacket or sweater also OK with shirt with a collar. 

Women = modest “office wear” skirt, dress, or pantsuit.  No cleavage.
Blazer or sweater also OK.

Both = Shoes: sensible shoes or boots are acceptable; there is a place to change out of boots if you prefer. Please do not use heavy perfume or cologne because
some of our interviewers have allergies.
Clean, manicured hands, no chipped nail polish.