Positions for entry-level candidates (0-5 years) may be posted on Handshake.

  • The posting should indicate the office location(s) for which you are potentially hiring. 
  • Separate descriptions are required for summer internships and full time offers. 
  • The job description can be as specific or as general as you prefer, and you can include a “pitch” to describe why your firm is a great place to work.

* We recommend firms check the box to consider OPT/CPT candidates, as this represents ~40% of the School’s student body. You are under no obligation to hire, however by considering all candidates you expand your talent pool considerably.

Job descriptions are posted electronically on Handshake, and students “apply” by submitting required documents by the stated deadline. When the deadline occurs, the contact will receive an electronic “package” of resumes and sample pages by email.


Positions for experienced candidates (6+ years) may be sent to ArchCar@syr.edu and will be posted on the School of Architecture’s LinkedIn page. Applicants will contact the employer directly. Please include the following information:

Firm name, location hiring, and position title

  • Website URL,
  • Brief description of the position,
  • Skills needed,
  • Years/Level of experience required,
  • Contact information, SU class year, and application deadline and required documents.