Advisors: Lawrence Davis, Terrance Goode

This thesis advisory group will research architectural and urban design tactics that can be applied to suburban areas to create a distinct kind of high-density, low to medium-rise urban form that we are calling “the scattered city.” Los Angeles and other southern Californian cities will be used as a subject of this research to provoke a better understanding and rethinking of the scattered nature of contemporary urbanization in much of North America.  In the spring, students will work individually or in teams to apply the knowledge produced from this research to the development and testing of “scattered city” form in a North American context of their choice, dealing with either residential or civic programs of their choice.

Spring term thesis design projects will be diverse in scope and approach. Nevertheless, all students in this Thesis Advisory Group will be expected to directly address the following questions, or questions which emerge from them, in their fall research and spring design work:

  • How does one define (or re-define) the term “urban”? 
  • How can the private world of the conventional European American suburb be more public?
  • How can the settled texture of these historic “suburbs” be rethought and renewed? 
  • How can new and existing civic institutions stimulate increased social interaction?

tuesday, may 2, 1 - 5 pm, room 314 & 3rd floor atrium

Internal Critics: Rodriguez, Kamell

1:00 PM

Chenhao Leo Luo & Zhi Zheng
Does Permanence Matter

(3rd Ffoor Atrium)

1:45 PM Zoe Quinones

Visual Consumption
(Slocum 314)

2:30 PM

Daniel Csabai & Ryan Wildridge
Deviant Tours

(3rd Floor Atrium)

3:15 PM Chu Han Joshua Tarn

Platform Park Symphony
(Slocum 314)

4:00 PM Quinn Pelichoff
3rd Floor Atrium