Advisors: Iman Fayyad, Kyle Miller, Edgar Rodríguez

This thesis advisory group will examine and transform acclaimed, deteriorated, discarded, exemplary, hidden, lost, ordinary, repaired, and unusual architectural and extra-architectural OBJECTS. Appearing as mediums (e.g. drawings, models, texts) and/or matter (e.g. furniture, rooms, megastructures), these OBJECTS will be catalysts for formal-spatial research that links disciplinary knowledge to culture, economics, politics, and society, asserting that space is inherently social, politics and economies have aesthetics, and building is a socio-cultural act. As such, this advisory group will apply, transform, and invent architectural design techniques that produce spatial provocations from non-spatial interests unique to each student. Ultimately, we will assist students in developing spatial constructs that demonstrate the value of design in a variety of contexts, culminating in architectural objects that address issues of scale, inhabitation, tectonic, and perception.

wednesday, may 3, 9 am - 5:40 pm, 4th floor atrium

Internal Critics: Sho, Frolet, Linder
External Critics: Curt Gambetta, Lindsay Harkema

9:00 AM Ashlyn La Mothe
In Fashion
9:40 AM Jun Dong
Sharing Public Space
10:20 AM Troy Michael Schleich
11:00 AM Ina Jang
Urban Interventions
11:40 AM Glenn Addison Jordan
This New House
1:00 PM Yiqun Feng & Xinyu Tang
POPS Tower
1:40 PM Nicolas Ladino
2:20 PM Enrique Arturo Garcia Gonzalez
Patios Compartidos
3:00 PM Deqiang Huang & Yi Zhang
Narrative - COVID
3:40 PM Russell Harman
A Machine for Living
4:20 PM Zarah Durst
Domestic Typology
5:00 PM Alexis Diaz
Roof Over Your Head