Future Designers for Syracuse (FDS)

FDS stands for Future Designers for Syracuse. We are a group of students at Syracuse University who created a mentorship program to introduce architecture and other design-related fields to local students in the Syracuse City School District. This is a free, biweekly virtual program where you will learn how to put together a portfolio, which is a crucial component when applying to these types of programs in college. We want to break the stereotype of what architecture/design school is and how cross disciplinary the degree can be.

We currently operate on Zoom every other Wednesday from 5:30-6:30 p.m. ET. Skills will include photography basics, sketching, and learning about alternative pathways through our mini lecture series. FDS strives to give students connections at Syracuse University with faculty, staff, student mentors, as well as local professionals. Most importantly, we want to help raise the voices of a new generation of diverse designers.

FDS is open to anyone of any grade level. If you are a faculty member or student interested in getting involved, please contact us at

2023-2024 Leadership

 Kyra Brown Image
Kyra Brown (President)


Hello, I’m Kyra Brown and I am a 4th-year architecture student and the current president of FDS. Being a part of this organization means a lot to me because I always knew I wanted to pursue a creative field outside of high school and it would have benefited me greatly to have an organization like FDS. It would have allowed me external insight into architecture and other design-related fields at an early age. I want to be able to provide current high school students with an after school opportunity that isn’t readily available within the Syracuse area.


 Sia Bagga Image
Sia Bagga (Vice President)


I’m Sia Bagga, a third-year student from Delhi, India. I’m an Architecture major with a minor in Dance. I am the vice president for FDS, an Architecture Ambassador, a peer advisor and a part of International Mentor Squad in the School of Architecture. I also teach dance with the Orange Pulse Dance Troupe (a student run organization on campus) and I am also a part of the South Asian Student Association. I like to spend my free time hanging out with friends, dancing, listening to music, watching movies and shows and trying new things. I’m excited to be a part of FDS this year!
Sweni Prajapati Picture
Sweni Prajapati (Activities Chair)


My name is Sweni and I am a junior in the School of Architecture. I am also the Activities Chair for FDS. Being an international student (from India!) I wasn’t able to visit the campus, but the moment I stepped here, I knew SU was where I could call home. I know transitioning to college in a new country can be scary but everyone here is so welcoming! So remember, the more you put yourself out there, the easier it’s going to get. Syracuse has so much to offer to everyone. Besides FDS, I am a part of the School of Architecture Peer Advisors, Architecture Ambassadors, Student Marketing-Advisory Committee and First-Year Seminar Peer Leaders. Besides school, I am into painting, exploring new places (especially for sunsets and sunrises), going camping, trying new foods and binge watching shows (130 so far!).
 Dhruv Jadhav image
Dhruv Jadhav (Public Relations Chair)


Hi, I’m Dhruv Jadhav, and I’m a current a third-year architecture student at Syracuse University. I grew up in Arizona and now live in New Jersey. I am the PR chair for FDS this year! I am also a Peer Advisor for the SOA and a part of the Architecture Ambassador program. I love listening to music and watching sports (most of the time both!). I can’t wait for a great school year with FDS!
Alex Musau image
Alex Musau (Treasurer)


Hi, I’m Alex and I am a junior architecture student. I grew up in Kenya, but one thing I love about Syracuse is the changing of seasons. I enjoy reading, playing sports and photography. On campus I am a part of a few intramural sports teams (volleyball, futsal, outdoor soccer), as well as Army ROTC. I am very interested in sustainable architecture and renewable energy. I am excited to serve as the treasurer of FDS.