Future Designers for Syracuse (FDS)

Future Designers for Syracuse (FDS), is a student organization that focuses on introducing architecture and design to any local students in the Syracuse City School Districts who are interested in the design fields. Because of many socioeconomic barriers and lack of role models and advisors, it may be of difficulty for students to pursue architecture and design throughout college and as a career. Our plan through FDS is to create an equal opportunity to expose all high school students interested, regardless of socioeconomic status, to architecture and design through a mentorship and outreach program that is run by the FDS student body. In these biweekly after school programs, mentors conduct activities and help guide high school students through the architecture career path and help students, so they are able to pursue architecture at any college that has an architecture program. We aim to introduce students to alternative career paths through architecture as well. Guest appearances and lecturers are to be made by the Syracuse Architecture faculty and alumni as well as from local firm supporters. The goal of FDS is to inspire a wide range of students and make it possible for them to pursue architecture and design.

Any interested speakers, professionals, Syracuse Architecture faculty, students or alumni, please email us to get in contact.

FDS Board Members 2021