Future Designers for Syracuse (FDS)

FDS stands for Future Designers for Syracuse. We are a group of students at Syracuse University who created a mentorship program to introduce architecture and other design-related fields to local students in the Syracuse City School District. This is a free, biweekly virtual program where you will learn how to put together a portfolio, which is a crucial component when applying to these types of programs in college. We want to break the stereotype of what architecture/design school is and how cross disciplinary the degree can be.

We currently operate on Zoom every other Wednesday from 5:30-6:30 p.m. ET. Skills will include photography basics, sketching, and learning about alternative pathways through our mini lecture series. FDS strives to give students connections at Syracuse University with faculty, staff, student mentors, as well as local professionals. Most importantly, we want to help raise the voices of a new generation of diverse designers.

FDS is open to anyone of any grade level. If you are a faculty member or student interested in getting involved, please contact us at and