Khalid Bey

Khalid Bey is councilor at-large and president pro tempore for the City of Syracuse. Over the last 15 years, He serves as Chair of the Economic Development, Downtown and Metropolitan Planning Committee, is Co-Chair of the Neighborhood Preservation, Homeless and Housing Vulnerable Committee, the Inter-governmental Service Consolidation, and the Charter, Rules, Procedure and RFP Committees. 

Councilor Bey has pushed for government transparency, and for 15 years has been an advocate for underserved communities throughout the city. His interest in the support of grass-roots economic development and sustaining employment is supported by his commitment to The Atlantean Group, a Community Development Entity, that assists in the economic enfranchisement of low income individuals and communities in Syracuse.

Councilor Bey is the author and co-author of many books including “The African American Dilemma,” an examination of the psychological affect that slavery has had on people of African descent, “Necessary Adjustments: My Opinion On Government,” and “From My Eyes: Community Memoirs,” a collection of opinion articles on issues that affect the African American community in Syracuse.

Councilor Bey has lectured at colleges and universities, speaking about man’s personal identity, human behavior and human relationships. He is a board member at Home HeadQuarters, and at the Faith and Hope Community Center.