Jennifer Bonner

Jennifer Bonner is Director of MALL, assistant professor at Harvard University Graduate School of Design and director of the Master in Architecture II Program. Born in Alabama, Jennifer founded MALL—a creative practice for art and architecture—in 2009. MALL stands for Mass Architectural Loopty Loops or Maximum Arches with Limited Liability, an acronym with built-in flexibility. By engaging with “ordinary architecture,” such as gable roofs and everyday materials, Bonner playfully reimagines architecture in her field. Her work has received an AR Award for Emerging Architecture (Architectural Review), an Emerging Voices Award (AIA/Young Architects Forum) and has been published in Architect Magazinea+tDAMnPLATOfframp, and MAS Context. She is the founder of A Guide to the Dirty South, editor of Platform: Still Life, and guest editor of ART PAPERS: Special Architecture + Design Issue.