Vittoria Buccina
Assistant Dean, Enrollment Management

Executive Masters in Public Administration, Maxwell School of Citizenship and Public Affairs, C.A.S., Conflict Resolution, PARCC Institute, Syracuse University; Bachelor of Professional Studies, Syracuse University

As the assistant dean for enrollment management, Vittoria serves as the chief admissions officer for the School of Architecture. Additionally, she develops strategic leadership in the development, coordination and implementation of the School’s enrollment and retention plan. Vittoria represents the Syracuse University and the School of Architecture at international, national, regional and local recruiting functions and has presented “The Education Path of An Architect” at regional and national programs across the United States and the world.

Undergraduate applicants can be assured that Vittoria is overseeing their portfolio submission as she is responsible for coordination of undergraduate portfolio reviews and is the team lead for application review for the School of Architecture applicants.

Vittoria works collaboratively with Olivia Hunt, Assistant Director of Enrollment and Student Engagement, in overseeing the Student Ambassadors, Peer Advisors, International Mentor Squad and Student Mentor Squad. These peer mentoring groups are dedicated to making students feel welcome within the School of Architecture and assist in the transition of studying in a professional degree.

Most recently Vittoria began the Architecture Living Learning Community for 1st and 2nd year architecture students. These learning communities are programmed with intentional faculty support and engage in academic and social experiences on and off campus.

Vittoria also works on Graduate Enrollment, Recruitment and Admissions. Working collaboratively with Lauren Mintier, assistant director of graduate recruiting. Together they oversee the Graduate Ambassador and Peer Mentoring programs as well as coordinating the review of graduate applications and portfolios.

Vittoria also established the Family Outreach program as a means of communication with parents and families of current students. Vittoria recognizes that families play an important role in student success and plans a number of events each semester so that parents can learn more about their student’s academic choices and career path.

Outside of the School of Architecture, Vittoria has worked with the Syracuse City School District as a facilitator for Courageous Conversations on Race Initiative (CCRI). The goal of CCRI and the Syracuse City School District is to close the educational gap that exists between racially diverse children in the school district by providing insight on how and why the educational gap exists.

She has also facilitated dialogue circles within the University’s Courageous Conversations on Race and Ethnicity (CARE) program. She is certified as a county-wide dialogue trainer for CARE - a six-week inter-group dialogue program that brings together small groups of interested students to exchange views that result in greater awareness about issues and experiences across diverse cultural, ethnic, and racial groups.