Professor Godlewski receives Meredith Teaching Recognition Award

Assistant Professor Joseph Godlewski ’00 has been honored with a Meredith Teaching Recognition Award from Syracuse University.

portrait photo of Joe GodlewskiThe Teaching Recognition Award is sponsored by the Meredith Professors to highlight non-tenured faculty members. Its specific goals are to recognize excellence in teaching and to encourage a culture of superior teaching among faculty members.

Godlewski, a member of the faculty since 2013, teaches undergraduate and graduate design studios, large lecture courses in architectural theory and advises thesis students. He also teaches a seminar on the politics of space in the Renée Crown University Honors Program.

“My scholarly and pedagogical objective is to equip designers with what I call global disciplinary knowledge—a broader, more diverse and fine-grained understanding of the inherited techniques, methods and vocabulary of the discipline of architecture,” he says.

To do this, Godlewski uses innovative teaching techniques and creates adaptive learning environments in three areas of inquiry: challenging the theory/practice divide, developing a more nuanced sense of architecture as a “global” discipline and transforming studio culture both within and beyond the classroom. He purposefully crafts his teaching methods to resonate with today’s students, and has worked on diversity and inclusion initiatives within the school. His teaching recently earned him an ACSA/AIAS New Faculty Teaching Award from the Association of Collegiate Schools of Architecture.

Godlewski’s mentorship is deeply valued by students in the School of Architecture. “Among both undergraduate and graduate students, Professor Godlewski is admired and appreciated for his wit and candor, his mentorship and his criticisms, as well as the amount of care and effort he puts into the architecture school and his students,” one student said.

Lori Brown, professor of architecture, says she greatly values Godlewski as a colleague. “I cannot speak highly enough about Joe—the evolution of his teaching, his commitment to educating future architects, his contributions to the school, and the future promise he demonstrates as a teacher and a researcher,” she says.

Godlewski is one of seven Syracuse University faculty members to receive a Teaching Recognition Award. Other recipients for 2018–2019 include Kivanç Avrenli, Sarah Fuchs, Shannon Houck, Robin Jones, Christa Kelleher and Tessa Murphy.

All will be honored at the third annual One University Awards Ceremony on Friday, April 12 from 4–5:30 p.m. in Hendricks Chapel, with a reception to follow in the lobby of the Heroy Geology Laboratory.

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(credit to Kelly Homan Rodoski, SU News)