11:00am EDT March 23

Global Mini-Series: Mariana Pestana

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Mariana Pestana
Architect and independent curator

Towards New Beginnings: Reflections on Empathy Revisited: designs for more than one (5th Istanbul Design Biennial)

Nowadays we tend to think of empathy as a way to understand, simulate or grasp other people’s feelings. But when the term empathy came into circulation about 100 years ago it described how one’s feelings transferred into objects and the natural world. In the face of urgent climate and economic crises, a general state of social deprivation and an exhausted global industrial model, the 5th Istanbul Design Biennial revisits empathy to think critically about how we relate to others, be them human or other bodies – biologic, bacterial, geologic. With the aim to open up a space of responsibility and nourish a culture of attachment towards the more-than-human, this biennial explores the idea of designs for multiple bodies, dimensions and perspectives.

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