5:15pm EDT September 29, 2020


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Sean Ahlquist
Associate Professor of Architecture, Taubman College of Architecture and Urban Planning, University of Michigan

ARCHITECTURE GETS IT WRONG: But that’s okay if it’s ready for the authorship of an otherness

We’re at a moment in time where a history of architecture shaped by a narrow set of viewpoints is being more heavily scrutinized for its ramifications in exacerbating social inequities. Personally, I see the prejudice of architectures that compete against my daughter and her worldview constructed through autism spectrum disorder. That architecture fails, at times, its okay but only if it has the capacity to be reshaped. If it can be indeterminately reshaped by otherly actions and social motivations to form a common ground that not just welcomes but is of my daughter’s “neuro-atypicality”. Diversity implies unknowing-ness. This talk will discuss whether architecture can transcend its own authorship and dismiss its desire to narrate from a set of inevitably constrained viewpoints, and unfurl the means that are necessary for architecture to be party to crafting a social and material language of diversity.

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