6:00pm EST February 13

POSTPONED - NYC: Nahyun Hwang & David Eugin Moon

Unfortunately, we regret to inform everyone that due to unforeseen and challenging weather conditions, we are unable to host the event Migrating Futures, Migrating Commons with Nahyun Hwang and David Eugin Moon scheduled for tonight.

We are working to identify a suitable reschedule date and will communicate the new event details as soon as they are confirmed.

Thank you for your understanding and continued support!

Nahyun Hwang
Founding principal, N H D M

David Eugin Moon
Founding principal, N H D M

Migrating Futures, Migrating Commons

The contemporary landscapes of increasing socio-economic, political, and environmental flux bring the changing conditions and manifestations of belonging to the fore. Through selected recent projects of N H D M, the lecture will probe emergent notions and spaces of kinships and communality, and explore the possibilities of new agentive futurity in the milieu. N H D M is a New York-based practice for design and research operating at the intersection of architecture and urbanism, founded by its partners Nahyun Hwang and David Eugin Moon. N H D M’s ongoing work includes a wide range of cultural/institutional, dwelling, and community and public space projects, as well as urban landscapes and territorial scale research that explore some of the most critical topics in the contemporary built environment.

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