5:30pm EST February 22

M.Arch. Design Research Lecture: Kory Bieg - Elements of (an AI) Architecture

Kory Bieg
Principal, OTA+; Associate Dean for Academic Affairs, The University of Texas at Austin

Elements of (an AI) Architecture

The surge of accessible artificial intelligence (AI) is profoundly reshaping every aspect of our lives, and architecture is no exception. In times like these, it’s useful to look back to our fundamentals. As Rem Koolhaas said in his introduction to the 2014 Venice Biennale, a study of the fundamentals is a study of histories, and “tries to reconstruct how architecture finds itself in its current situation and speculates on its future.” In this lecture, Bieg will discuss the parallel histories of AI and Computational Design, show projects that use novel AI design tools and methodologies, and discuss the disciplinary impact of generative AI.


February 24-26

Kory Bieg will be holding an in-person 650 design research workshop, “Elements of an AI Architecture” from February 24-26.