6:30pm EDT October 17

NYC: Rania Ghosn

Rania Ghosn
Founding Partner, DESIGN EARTH
Associate Professor, MIT School of Architecture and Planning


How do we make sense of the Earth at a moment in which it is presented in crisis? In their book Geostories: Another Architecture for the Environment, DESIGN EARTH deploy the speculative project to make visible and public the climate crisis. This talk is organized into three sections–terrarium, aquarium, planetarium, each of which revisits such media devices—as expounded through drawings, models, and material artifacts— to reassemble publics around representations of the Earth. The architectural project here becomes a medium to critically synthesize spatial knowledge across scales and to speculate on how to live with the many forms of environmental externalities, including oil extraction, deep-sea mining, ocean acidification, air pollution, space debris, and a host of other social-ecological issues.