5:15pm EDT October 29

Pumpkitecture Competition

Kick off your Halloween weekend with the School of Architecture’s second annual Pumpkitecture competition! Students will go gourd-to-gourd to compete for the Pritzkerpumpkin.

Pumpkitecture will take place on Friday, October 29 at 5:15pm. Pumpkins will be provided in advance to those who register by October 20. Contestants will bring their pre-carved pumpkins and light them on the wall in front of Slocum Hall. Jurors will deliberate and pick the winning pumpkin.

Rules & Guidelines

  • Pumpkins must be carved and brought to school ready to be judged.
  • Remove the bottom of your pumpkin so that it can be placed on top of an LED light. Cutting the top off a pumpkin off causes the top lid to shrink and decay very quickly so the lid falls inside. Tea lights will be provided and measure 2.2”.
  • The carved pumpkins must be able to stand without any support or back drop needed.  
  • Entries will be judged based on originality, creativity, attention to detail and presentation.

The deadline for a free pumpkin has passed. You are welcome to register and provide your own pumpkin.