Students can access the following lab network drive from their personal computers while on the campus wireless network (AirOrangeX).

G drive - contains the following shared network folders:

  • Archive - This is where you turn in your work at the end of the semester (the folder will not appear until later in the semester). There will be subfolders set up for each course, and you can drop your files in the appropriate locations.
  • Student Courses - Contains shared course folders, if your professor asked for one to be set up.
  • Student Drop - Use this area to submit your files for the 3D printers, CNC mill and Cinema 4D render farm.
  • Student Resources - Here you can find software such as V-Ray for Rhino, the Drawing and Map Archive, printer color palettes, laser cutter templates and the Architects Slide Collection.
  • Student Scans - After scanning a large format document or image on the printer Luma in the plot room (which has a built-in scanner), the file shows up in this folder. Files in this folder are read-only and are auto deleted after 24 hours. You may need to use the file timestamps to determine which ones are yours.
  • Student Scratch - This temporary, shared space is accessible to all students in Syracuse and NYC. Files can be stored here for up to 24 hours, but may be deleted earlier if the drive runs low on space. Files are deleted after 24 hours.

How to Connect to the Network Drive

Download detailed instructions with screenshots: