Advisors: Greg Corso, Molly Hunker, Joel Kerner, Cait McCarthy

This thesis advisory group maintains a particular interest in formal, material, and spatial interventions in space, and their ability to illuminate broader cultural, environmental, political, and social concerns of a place. Extra-architectural affiliations will provide critical foundations for design projects that explore how architecture can manifest and reveal latent systems that offer positive change and spectacular experience.

When we consider the architectural objects and surfaces we design as part of a landscape, we acknowledge the larger ecological, infrastructural, social, aesthetic and atmospheric contexts they operate within. In so doing, we invite new and ambiguous hybridizations, alliances, frictions and conflicts to influence our designs while simultaneously leveraging how our designs affect existing systemic networks.

As much as built interventions reflect culture and provide critical commentary on the particularities of the context, they can also project new readings of place-revealing hidden narratives, uncovering latent possibilities, or imagining alternative futures. Interventions at a variety of scales within constructed landscape connect to, and are in many cases dependent upon the broader infrastructures of a place. These projects capture the public imaginary through engaging pressing issues; embracing the overlap between culture and form; privileging form-making; and recombining conventional practices into new and delirious possibilities.

wednesday, may 3, 9 am - 4 pm, 3rd floor atrium

Internal Critics: Larsen, Memaran Dadgar, Eversole, Wang

9:00 AM

Alan James Vaughn
Towards an Energetic Architecture
9:30 AM Eduardo Pradjonggo
10:00 AM Kaylee Ann Holmes
School Softening
10:30 AM Spencer Ghobadian
The Post-Natural Project
11:00 AM Suchismita Gangopadhyay
Intersectional Identities
11:30 AM Emanuel Kaufman
The Right to Housing
1:00 PM Michael Tighe Gallo
Revisiting Radburn
1:30 PM Raquel Rojas & Ruth Shiferaw
2:00 PM Katherine Sincebaugh
Interstitial Activity
2:30 PM Marco Pagliara
3:00 PM Juhee Son
City as Playground
3:30 PM Andrew Wheeler
Sensory Schoolkit