2021 Britton Memorial Awards Thesis Prize Competition

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Since 1983, graduating students in both of the School’s professional programs have competed for the James Britton Memorial Awards and other Thesis Prizes as recognition of that year’s best thesis projects. Beginning in 2020, as a result of COVID, the awards have been granted through an online competition open to all thesis students. This year, all the entered work is posted here as a public display. Thus the competition doubles as the Thesis Exhibition. Prizes were determined by three groups of reviewers—Distinguished Guest Jurors, Faculty, and members of the Advisory Board—who evaluated the posted work and submit ranked ballots. Dean Speaks announced the winners on May 21, 2021 following an online discussion among the jurors, moderated by Associate Professor Kyle Miller.

james a. britton memorial awards

Dean’s Citation for Excellence in Thesis Design

Citations for Excellence in Thesis Design

Honorable Mentions