Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Student Committee (DEI)

Faculty Advisor

Professor Lori Brown (

2020-2021 Undergraduate Elected Members (by class year)


  • Lindsey Brown (
    Sub-committee(s): Finance and Policy Review, Diversity Entourage Library (Team Lead), Faculty Engagement 
  •  Lindsey Dierig (
    Sub-committee(s): Racial Diversity, Social Media Engagement, Faculty Engagement, Finance and Policy Review
  • Edson Wong (
    Sub-committee(s): Mental Health, Racial Diversity, Faculty Search


  • Julia Chou (
    Sub-committee(s): Mental Health (Team Lead), Learning Differences and Disabilities
  • Ebonia Moody (
    Sub-committee(s): Learning Differences and Disabilities, Event Planning
  • Jasmine Greytok (
    Sub-committee(s): Data Collection (Team Lead), Diversity Entourage Library



  • Kathleen (Katie) Eveleth (
    Sub-committee(s): Data Collection, Faculty Search (Team Lead)
  • Romi Moller (
    Sub-committee(s): Diversity Entourage Library
  • Lillian Zhao (
    Sub-committee(s): TBD
2020-2021 Graduate Elected Members (by class year)


  • Tara Pearson (
    Sub-committee(s): Finance and Policy Review (Team Lead), Faculty Engagement (Team Lead) 


  • Krystol Austin (
    Sub-committee(s): Racial Diversity (Team Lead), Event Planning (Team Lead)


DEI Sub-committee Descriptions

Data Collection and Faculty Engagement Teams: works on archiving data regarding pedagogical and curricular content as it pertains to a more diverse, equitable and inclusive academic environment. This includes, but is not limited to, data on course syllabi, invited lecturers and jurors, as well as our faculty—tenured, tenure-track, and visiting. The Faculty Engagement Team consults with the faculty to ensure that goals of this committee writ-large are considered with seriousness and transparency. This team is working to foster a relationship between the Faculty and the student body to decolonize our curriculum and create a more robustly inclusive architectural education.

Diversity Entourage Library Team: In an effort to change the overrepresentation of predominantly white, upper-middle class, western style figures in drawings and renders, we are developing a library for public access to a wider range of non-normative scale figures (e.g. race, gender, religion, orientation, disability, etc.) to be highly accessible to the student and faculty body. We hope that if a broader range of scale figures are more easily available then designers will think about the messages they are sending through their entourage choices about who their building is actually for.

Finance Team: This team is dedicated to tracking the expenses for students through surveys and other data collection techniques to create a comprehensive financial summary. This information will be disseminated to the administration and professors to provide more insight into how much money students are spending in their studios each semester. This information is also collected for the purpose of providing it to admissions to ensure a more accurate picture of the range of costs associated with architecture school in hopes it may assist in the financial planning process.

Disabilities: The disability subcommittee is committed to helping students with all types of disabilities navigate SU. We also believe that it is important for us to help advocate for disability inclusion in the field of architecture. We aim to include programming that teaches about disability and disability inclusion, provide resources for students with disabilities, and promote the success and achievements of these students.

Mental Health Team: This team is dedicated to safeguarding the mental well-being of our students. This means supporting students with disabilities regarding mental health, de-stigmatizing mental illness, making education on mental health available to the student body at SoA and helping students who are experiencing stress find support.

Racial Diversity Team: this team engages with students to promote cross-cultural awareness and understanding of the multiplexity of races and ethnicities that exist within the School of Architecture. It allows for the representation of a diverse group of people typically underrepresented in architectural academia and works with the Social Planning Team to use events, forums, and social activities to provide a platform for these voices to be heard.

Recycling Team: Works with administrators and faculty on implementing recycling bins, shelves, and finding areas around Slocum Hall to keep reusable materials. Our goal is to help each person become more knowledgeable about the ways they can reduce and reuse materials and push the School of Architecture to become more environmentally conscious and sustainable.

Social Planning Team: Encompasses the Event Planning and Social Media Outreach teams. This team works to create a stronger, more genuine sense of community amongst the students and faculty in the School of Architecture. The team ensures that information about school resources and events is readily accessible to everyone in the SoA community, organizes school-wide events, and develops and shares all content on DEI’s social media platforms.