Student Mentor Squad (SMS)

The Student Mentor Squad (SMS) is a group of fourth- and fifth-year architecture students who have been peer advisors, maintained strong GPAs, and studied abroad. They are dedicated to extending the peer advisor-advisee relationship beyond the first year in order to foster relationships between upperclassmen and underclassmen.

Mentors will host forums and discussion groups, as well as generate publications. Architecture students will have the opportunity to engage with mentors about electives, study abroad opportunities, off-campus housing, and a host of other subjects. The SMS is a vital resource for younger students as they navigate their way through the architecture program.

2021-2022 Squad
Abby McCarthy - SMS headshot
Abby ’23


Abby is a fourth-year student from Hillsboro, Oregon. Abby just returned from studying abroad in New York City and London. She is involved in the Real Estate club, Gamma Phi Beta sorority, and works as a facility supervisor at the Barnes Center here on campus. Last spring and summer, Abby interned for Selldorf Architects in NYC. Additionally, she has work experience in 3D fabrication and landscaping. In her free time, Abby enjoys going on hikes, hanging out with her sister and friends, and playing piano.

Amreeta Verma - headshot SMS
Amreeta ’23


Amreeta is a fourth-year student from Green Brook, New Jersey.  Amreeta has been involved in several School of Architecture organizations such as Women in Design, ASO, Architecture Ambassadors and NOMAS. She previously held the position of Community Outreach Chair for NOMAS and is the current Secretary. Amreeta participated in Visiting Critic studio and studied abroad in Florence, and she is now an SU Global Ambassador for the Florence program. Because of her interest in cross-disciplinary design, Amreeta is pursuing two minors, one in Visual Culture and another in Environment and Society. In 2020, Amreeta received a research grant from the SOURCE to study sustainable soil construction methods with Professor Yutaka Sho and her firm General Architecture Collaborative. She has also interned at the architecture and design firm AE Superlab. In her free time, Amreeta loves to learn new recipes, paint, and rate movies on Letterboxd.

Andrea De Haro - SMS headshot
Andrea ’23


Andrea is a fourth-year student originally from Caracas, Venezuela, but was raised in Miami, Florida. Andrea is a Peer Advisor, Architecture Ambassador, and works at both the King + King Library and the Laser Cutting Fabrication Lab. She participated in Visiting Critic studio during Spring 2021 and she recently went abroad to Florence during the Fall 2021 and interned in a Florence based Architecture Firm during her time there. Andrea has previously interned for a full-service architecture and engineering firm in New York City and is currently interning for Professor Lawrence Davis in his own practice. Outside of Architecture, Andrea enjoys film photography and is currently taking an analog photography course through the College of Visual and Performing Arts.

Anusha ’22
Anusha ’22


Anusha is a fifth-year architecture student and is from Mumbai, India. In her years at Syracuse University, she has been involved in NOMAS (National Organization of Minority Architecture Students), and in activities of SASA (South Asian Student Association), and other peer advising programs. She studied with the NYC and London (online) programs. Over the past few summers, she has interned at IBI in Los Angeles and at SSA Architects in Mumbai. Outside of Architecture, some of her passions include reading (especially Harry Potter), swimming, and fashion!

Ben Wang
Ben ’22

Ben is a fifth-year student from the northern Virginia region. At Syracuse University, Ben is an Honors student who enjoys his time away from Slocum Hall. This includes his time sleeping and hanging out with friends. However, Ben understands the importance of his education, which has given him the opportunity to study in Florence and London (online). In 2019, Ben collaborated with SUNY ESF students competing in the Solar Decathlon Design Challenge where they placed first in their division. During summers, Ben has interned at Shalom Baranes Associates in Washington D.C., MDSzerbaty Assocates Architecture in NYC, and FR-EE / Fernando Romero Enterprise in NYC. Ben has been with the Syracuse family since participating in the summer college program in 2014.

Brendan Carroll
Brendan ’23


Brendan is a fourth-year student from Westchester, New York. Brendan has been a Peer Advisor, Architecture Ambassador, a tutor for the School of Architecture, and a member of the architecture and design fraternity APX. Outside of architecture, Brendan takes part in as many intramural sports as possible, goes to every home basketball and football game, and is a member of the school Running Club. He participated in the Visiting Critic studio and virtually participated in London abroad. Brendan enjoys learning outside of Slocum and is working towards a minor in Real Estate.

Erik ’22
Erik ’22

Erik is a fifth-year student from Caledonia, Wisconsin. Outside of architecture, he spends most of his time as the president of Orange Appeal, the original tenor-bass a capella group at Syracuse! He also enjoys being part of, and a TA in, the Renee Crown Honors Program and being an Architecture Ambassador. Erik loves hiking and exploring Central New York; so he’s a great resource if you’re looking for recommendations on parks or hikes. He has studied in Florence and participated in Visiting Critic studio. Over the past few summers, Erik has worked designing Usonian- and Prairie-style homes with Genesis Architecture. Fun fact: Erik is colorblind.

Jasmine ’22
Jasmine ’22

Jasmine is a fifth-year student from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. In her time at Syracuse, she has been involved in many clubs within the School of Architecture. As a Peer Advisor, a member and former president of the Architecture Student Organization (ASO), an Architecture Ambassador, and a member of the Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion committee, she enjoys getting to know her classmates. For global campus, Jasmine participated in the NYC program and the online Florence program. She has interned for Ballinger in Philadelphia and took part in research over the summer in DEI by co-hosting conversations with faculty groups on diversity, equity, and inclusion and creating a new, diverse entourage library. When she’s not working, Jasmine likes to spend time with her cat, Fleur, and cook.

 DJ Deng
Junzhi (DJ) ’22


DJ is a fifth-year student from Beijing, China. In his years at Syracuse University, DJ has been a Peer Advisor in the SOA Peer Advising Program. He has studied in the Florence and London (online) programs. Due to the pandemic, DJ stayed in China for a year and half and was fortunate to participate in the Beijing Visiting Critic studio. Also, he interned at MAD Architects during the summer. He had the opportunity to do Chinese village research with students and professors at the Beijing University of Civil Engineering and Architecture. Outside of Architecture, DJ enjoys spending time with his dog and cat, as well as traveling around to take photographs. 

Khushee Chauhan - headshot SMS
Khushee ’23


Khushee is a fourth-year architecture student from Ahmedabad, India. Khushee has been an Ambassador, Peer Advisor, and a member of the International Mentor Squad. She participated in Visiting Critic studio and the Florence abroad program. Khushee minors in Religion and enjoys working in or out of Slocum, as long as she can find an ergonomic desk/chair set-up!

 Lauren Reichelt
Lauren ’23


Lauren is a fourth-year student from Westchester, New York. In the School, Lauren has been a Peer Advisor, Architecture Ambassador, co-chair of the Social Media Committee, and an employee of the Slocum fabrication labs and wood shop. On campus, outside of architecture, Lauren is president of the SU Habitat for Humanity Club and is involved in Greek Life. Lauren studied abroad in-person in Florence, Italy, and had the opportunity to study abroad (online) in the London program last spring. Throughout college, Lauren has interned at Ginsburg Development Companies (GDC), and most recently at KG+D Architects. Outside of school, Lauren enjoys running, reading, baking, and watching horror movies.

Lexi Diaz headshot
Lexi ’23


Lexi is a fourth-year student from just outside of Chicago, Illinois. In her time at Syracuse, she has been involved in a number of SOA clubs including NOMAS, Peer Advising, Architecture Ambassadors, and was the former philanthropy chair and founding president of Alpha Rho Chi Skopas Chapter. She currently holds the position of Social Committee co-chair for Alpha Rho Chi. Outside of SOA clubs and organizations, Lexi is a former Resident Advisor for Watson Hall and a member of the RA Advisory Board. For global campus, Lexi participated in Visiting Critic studio and the Florence abroad program. In addition to architecture, Lexi is working towards a minor in Environment and Society. Lexi currently works with Dana McQuillan as the Enrollment and Engagement Assistant for the School of Architecture. She has previously interned at Schwarz Lewis Design Group and Aspen Group in the Chicagoland area. In her free time she loves to paint, walk with her two dogs, Chelsea and Remy, and learn new art forms – most recently pottery. 

Nahall Ghodsi
Nahall ’22


Nahall is a fifth-year architecture student from New York City, who spent time living in the Middle East during her childhood. Since being enrolled in the Syracuse Architecture program, she has been an Architecture Ambassador and a member of NOMAS and IMS. Nahall minors in Philosophy and partakes in extracurricular activities such as painting and cycling. She hopes to continue her architectural studies in graduate school to eventually become a professor herself.

Shelby Ward
Shelby ’22


Shelby is a fifth-year student from Houston, Texas. During her time at Syracuse University, she has enjoyed taking part in abroad programs and learning more about preservation and history. Shelby is minoring in Art History and is pursuing a master’s degree in conservation after graduation. She spent a semester abroad in London and is now a Global Ambassador at SU. She also participated in the NYC studio and internship program (virtual). Over the past summer, she interned in London at a firm that specializes in reuse and urban planning. In her free time, she loves to draw, paint, run, cook, and spend time with family and friends.  

 Shiori Green
Shiori ’22


Shiori is a fifth-year architecture student from Honolulu, Hawaii. Outside of architecture, Shiori works as a Student Fellow with the Lender Center of Social Justice to create a more equitable food system in Syracuse and works as an Assistant Planner with the Otsego County Conservation Association. Shiori has participated in the NYC Urban Studio as well as the Visiting Critic Studios. Within the School of Architecture, Shiori has participated in Peer Advising, the Architecture Ambassador team, as well as a series of research projects with the Campus as A Lab for Sustainability team and Net Zero at Winding Ridge Lab. In her free time, Shiori enjoys visiting new cities and spending time with friends.

Sneha ’22
Sneha ’22

Sneha is a fifth-year architecture student from India but grew up in Nigeria and India. Since enrolling at Syracuse University, she has been an Architecture Ambassador and Peer Advisor. She is also one of the founding members of the International Mentor Squad (IMS) and a member of the AIAS. Sneha was part of the online Florence program in Fall 2020. Over the past few years, she has interned in Lagos, Nigeria and has done a research internship with a Syracuse University architecture professor. In her free time, Sneha likes dancing, hiking, and painting.

Tom Brossi - SMS headshot
Tom ’23


Tom is a fourth-year student from Marlborough, Massachusetts. In the School of Architecture, he has been a leader of the Architecture Student Organization. He has recently completed Visiting Critic studio and the London (virtual) program. Outside of architecture, Tom is the Vice President of the Syracuse University Outing Club. In his free time he enjoys snowboarding, mountain biking, longboarding, and photography.

Zhi Zheng - headshot SMS
Zhi ’23


Zhi is a fourth-year student from Guangzhou, China. Zhi has been a Peer Advisor in the 2019 Fall, Architecture Ambassador, tutor for the School of Architecture, and part of the founding members of the architecture and design fraternity on campus, APX. Outside of architecture, Zhi is a fan of 3D art, rendering works, and photography. He is a good badminton player, as well as a professional in piano with Grade 8 Certificate by The Associated Board of the China Royal Schools of Music. He is recently participated in Visiting Critic studios in Beijing and Florence abroad. He treats architecture not only as a design profession, but also a project management field with association from other specialties. Therefore, he is also learning outside of Slocum as he is working towards a minor in Construction Management.