National Organization of Minority Architecture Students (NOMAS)

The Syracuse University School of Architecture is proud to present the Orange Chapter of the National Organization of Minority Architecture Students.

Chapter Mission

The National Organization of Minority Architects (NOMA) oversees the Orange Chapter of the National Organization of Minority Architecture Students, hereinafter referred to as NOMAS. We are a body of students from an array of backgrounds, who share a common goal of pursuing our architectural degree at the undergraduate level. The chapter is designed to foster communication and camaraderie among the diverse body of students. NOMAS provides minority students in the Syracuse School of Architecture with support in academics, professional matters and services. Social activities, workshops, community services, and professional development are all part of the chapters agenda. Activities include regional and national conferences of both NOMA and NOMAS. Conferences provide opportunity to network, attend lectures, and visit exciting cities around the nation.


Executive Board
DJ Butler
President - DJ

DJ is a MArch student and the driving force behind restoring the Orange NOMAS’ chapter visibility on campus at the national convention.


Along with Ife, DJ has outlined the following goals for this year:


1. Engage the Greater Syracuse area with stronger impact on community outreach efforts.


2. Foster strong professional relationships which encourage sponsorship support to “triple” our membership attendance at NOMA 48 in Oakland, California.

Ife Areogun
Vice President - Ife

Ife, a BArch student, joins DJ on the executive committee who is laying the foundation to build a sound framing system to ensure the longevity of the Orange NOMAS chapter.


This year’s goals continued:


3. Attain back-to-back repeat victory at Barbara G. Laurie Student Design Competition as the reigning national champions.


4. Win the NOMA Chapter of the Year Award.


5. And lastly, develop the next leaders of the Syracuse Orange NOMAS chapter.

Ebonia Moody
Membership Chairs - Ebonia + Naomi

Ebonia and Naomi are both BArch students and their mission is to make everyone’s voice heard. Being a minority in the School of Architecture comes with insecurities, but NOMAS is here to support students. The group wants everyone to excel personally, academically, and professionally by providing a platform for every person’s point of view and bringing diversity to the table for a fairer, more equitable, and inclusive world of architecture and beyond.


You don’t have to be a minority to join, membership is open to all!

Naomi Cheung
Jamely Ramos
Communication Chairs - Jamely + Kae

Jamely and Kae are MArch students who hope to engage the many unique corners of the Syracuse architecture student body, and encourage those who feel out of place to join NOMAS, a space we consider to be a safe haven.


Their role is to maximize the power of images and communication. They curate the publications so that they are inviting, inclusive, informative, and unmistakably Syracuse NOMAS.

Deen Ikaro
Design Chair - Deen

Deen is a MArch student from Nigeria. The design community engages students of the organization in national and international design competitions with the aim of exposing the student community to design competitions and putting to practice what is learnt in our class room. The major goal of this committee is to retain the NOMAS student design championship and receive a merit recipient in the Architecture at Zero competition.

Benson Joseph
Curators - Benson & Pin

Benson and Pin are both BArch students who use symposium, exhibition, and symposium as vignette to explore ideas that directly address and encourage conversations about social justice concerns. Our goals are to stamp these conversations within the School of Architecture and potentially the Syracuse University campus.
Pin Sangkaeo
Jay Suriyanarayanan
Program Chairs -
Jay + Poulami

Jay and Poulami are BArch students who grew up in towns where there was a lack of diversity and South Asian representation. They became used to being underrepresented and overlooked. NOMAS provides an outlet and family that allows you to organize events that emphasize the importance of minorities in the field of architecture. Their goal, as Program Chairs, is to organize events, symposiums, and other functions in an effort to not only be the voice of the minorities of the architecture student body, but also invite the rest of the student body to be involved in our programs.

Poulami Das
Lia Margolis
Secretary - Lia

Lia is a BArch student who, in her role as Secretary, organizes the schedules, agendas, and presentations. She joined NOMAS because she believes that it is important to represent and give a voice to a minority field of architecture and students at Syracuse University.
Amreeta Verma
Community Outreach Chair - Amreeta

Amreeta is a BArch student whose goal, as Community Outreach Chair, is to reach beyond the bounds of Slocum Hall to connect and collaborate with the communities at and around Syracuse University to uplift minority voices. Projects have included an art installation at McKinley Brighton Elementary School and a coloring book for Upstate Golisano Children’s Hospital.

Kojo Quainoo
Class Chair - Kojo

Kojo is a MArch student from Ghana, serving as the Graduate Chair for NOMAS. In this position he hopes to create much awareness of NOMAS among grad students through events, outreach, and workshops. He believes that NOMAS is one of the many bridges that connects undergraduate students to graduate students and could serve as a platform for great networks and friendships.

Rahmah Gimba
Treasurer - Rahmah

Rahmah is a BArch student from Nigeria. She currently serves as the organization’s Treasurer.