National Organization of Minority Architecture Students (NOMAS)

The Syracuse University School of Architecture is proud to present the Orange Chapter of the National Organization of Minority Architecture Students.

Chapter Mission

The National Organization of Minority Architects (NOMA) oversees the Orange Chapter of the National Organization of Minority Architecture Students, hereinafter referred to as NOMAS. We are a body of students from an array of backgrounds, who share a common goal of pursuing our architectural degree at the undergraduate level. The chapter is designed to foster communication and camaraderie among the diverse body of students. NOMAS provides minority students in the Syracuse School of Architecture with support in academics, professional matters and services. Social activities, workshops, community services, and professional development are all part of the chapters agenda. Activities include regional and national conferences of both NOMA and NOMAS. Conferences provide opportunity to network, attend lectures, and visit exciting cities around the nation.


Executive Board
NOMAS executives 2021
President - Lia
Vice President - Ebonia

Lia became part of NOMAS to find a diverse community of people within architecture and to meet new people, but it became much more than that for her. NOMAS is a resource and a beacon of hope for those who need more representation in the architecture field, and she hopes to broaden NOMAS’s reach to connect with more people.


Ebonia joined NOMAS because she remembers being a first-year and looking for an organization like NOMAS, but at the time there was not one. It is extremely important to her to ensure NOMAS is an organization that continues to support and represent minority architecture students professionally and to make sure that anyone seeking a safe space, for any reason, will have one. As Vice President, she looks forward to finding new ways for NOMAS to virtually engage the student body, faculty, staff, and alumni.

NOMAS Secretary 2021
Secretary - Sofia

Sofia is a BArch student from Moorestown, New Jersey and a daughter of a Mexican immigrant. As secretary, she will organize the schedules, agendas, email, and presentations. Sofia joined NOMAS to find a community of architecture students who are committed to activism, particularly spatial justice. She was previously the RSO Chair and is so excited to become more involved in the day-to-day happenings of NOMAS! Sofia grew up in a town with very little diversity; so, being part of NOMAS is refreshing.  She is passionate about furthering NOMAS’s success as a chapter.


NOMAS Communications 2021
Communications - Kae + Rachel

Rachel and Kae are excited to be your Communications team! They joined NOMAS because they wanted to find a community that championed support for a diverse plethora of architecture students. As communications chairs, they are responsible for using their platforms to amplify the organization’s voice and impact through visualization of information and data, in order for NOMAS to be a place for open and fruitful discussion. They look forward to working with everyone and creating a bigger impact!

NOMAS Community Outreach 2021
Community Outreach - Karen + Amreeta

As Community Outreach Chairs, Amreeta and Karen believe very strongly in using their design skills outside of Slocum Hall to collaborate with the communities in and around Syracuse. By uplifting minority and underrepresented voices, they aim to contribute to the university and city at large. The committee is currently working on a fundraiser for COVID-19 relief. 

NOMAS Curriculum 2021
Curriculum Committee - Kelsey

Kelsey is a BArch student from Houston, Texas. She is currently the Curriculum Committee Chair, which means she is the student representative of NOMAS for all meetings regarding scheduling and planning of our curriculum. She loves participating in NOMAS and feels it is essential to our student body. As you can see, she loves to take pictures and going to different places. Kelsey is excited for NOMAS this semester.
NOMAS Design 2021
Design - Grace

Grace is currently a second-year undergraduate student, who is so excited to work with all of you. She would like to continue Deen, the previous Design chair’s, amazing work with the design competitions. Grace looks forward to finding new and exciting ways to further engage the design team with the School of Architecture, the surrounding community, and design innovation around the nation. Grace feels that being part of this organization is an amazing opportunity for her to learn and grow as both a person and architect. She can’t wait to get to know y’all!

NOMAS Membership 2021
Membership - Amina + Kyra

Kyra and Amina are your Membership Chairs for 2021! They are responsible for recruiting new NOMAS members, providing information about the organization, and pointing people to the resources that NOMAS has available. They both joined NOMAS to be part of a diverse community with like-minded people who have the goal of making an impact in the architecture community. Being a minority in the architecture community is extremely challenging. So, being part of an organization that strives to make minorities in architecture a priority and amplify their voices is extremely invigorating. Their goals are to make more students aware of NOMAS and the community it provides, grow membership, and continuously devise ways to get NOMAS members involved. NOMAS has a lot planned for the coming semester, and Amina and Kyra are excited to see the organization flourish and to welcome new members!
NOMAS Programs 2021
Program - Jay + Arjun

Jay and Arjun are so excited to be contributing to NOMAS this year by planning and hosting future bonding and social events. They are committed to creating events that will not only strengthen the NOMAS general body, but also create a larger community within the School of Architecture here at Syracuse University. Their goal as Program Chairs is to organize functions in an effort to amplify minority voices within the architecture student body and incite the general student body to involve themselves in NOMAS programs. Jay and Arjun look forward to meeting everyone and getting to know you all!

RSO - Nikita

Nikita is the RSO Chair for 2021 and excited to be joining the NOMAS E-board. Her hope is to help maintain NOMAS’s position as a registered student organization, as well as work on events that can engage the School of Architecture community and help make a positive change. Nikita also looks forward to getting to know everyone through NOMAS!